21 things that happen when you get engaged


We're finally getting round to starting our proper wedding planning this weekend - we're going to see some venues and get some bits organised with our parents and I can't wait. I'm going to start a little wedding series in the next couple of weeks so you can follow our progress, but before that I thought I'd do a little engagement themed list. Here are 21 things that happen when you get engaged...

1) You will spend 75% of your day looking at the gorgeous new sparkler on your ring finger.

2) Facebook ads will start suggesting diets to help you "slim into your wedding dress".

3) Everyone will be desperate to know when you're getting married. You will feel terribly unorganised.

4) Some people may even remark that "you'll be having kids next!" (Although I think that was just you, Mum...)

5) You'll become obsessed with fancy handcreams and painting your nails.

6) Wedding blogs will become your new BFF.

7) You will repeat your engagement story at least 3674 times.

8) People will grab at your hand before you've even started to say hello.

9) You will feel totally overwhelmed by how much there is to organise.

10) You will spend more time with Pinterest than you will with your new fiancé.

11) You will quickly realise it's nigh on impossible to have a budget wedding.

12) You will drink a lot of celebratory prosecco. Like enough to give you permanent heartburn for 3 weeks.

13) You will immediately start researching dreamy honeymoon destinations.

14) Your mantelpiece will become swamped with loads of lovely cards.

15) You will start sizing up all of your friends and family to see what wedding related skills they might have.

16) Your friends will be way more excited about your hen do than the actual wedding.

17) You will realise that planning a wedding requires some serious stationery purchases. Score.

18) Everytime you listen to a song with your other half you'll be judging whether it's first dance worthy.

19) Your monthly Elle magazine will be swapped for Elle Wedding.

20) Researching the cost of wedding dresses will seriously freak you out.

21) You will develop a new found love for spreadsheets. So much organisation!