10 favourites this week (#57)

anglesey sunrise snowdownia Morning everyone! I'm currently writing this on a (stupidly early) train that is whizzing its way down to London, ready for a busy couple of days of work in the capital. It's definitely a shock to the system after a lovely relaxing weekend in Anglesey!

I hope you all had a great week last week - mine was lovely and pretty bloody exciting too. Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) Our company forum

On Wednesday we had our annual company forum down at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. It's always a really inspiring day and this year was no different - we were treated to fantastic speakers, live music and a flavour of everything that's to come for our business in the coming year. I came home feeling all pumped up and really proud to work where I do - I am very lucky.

2) Coyo

coyo yoghurt

This is my new favourite thing ever. It was recommended to me by a friend and has been an absolute lifesaver this week when I have been craving something a little bit creamy and dessert like. It's completely dairy and gluten free and is low in natural sugars -  basically ideal for my current diet set up - and really is delicious. I'd recommend it even if you aren't trying to cut dairy out!

3) New trainers

My Mum and Dad went to New York on holiday a couple of weeks ago (which I was SUPER jealous about!) and they kindly brought me home a new pair of Nikes. My beloved Roshe Runs were looking very worse for wear so I am really excited to have a fresh shiny pair ready to wear in in Copenhagen in a few weeks time.

4) Payday!

I really needed payday this month with it being the month after Christmas and all that, but as it was bonus payday too I was even more excited. I've so far managed to refrain from a shopping spree, but it is nice to know that we can start getting on with wedding planning and house sorting now that we have a bit of extra money to hand.

5) Starting my printmaking course

monoprinting lighthouse

A couple of weeks ago I booked myself on an Introduction to Printmaking short course at the Bowery in Leeds and this week was my first class. I took a jewellery class there last year so knew it would be good, and I really enjoyed myself. I love learning new crafts and skills and the Bowery is such a fab place to do that on a reasonable budget.

6) Lunch out with my team

We usually go out as a team for a burger every month, but since trying to cut out all trace of sugar from my diet, burgers have been off the menu for me (bread, ketchup and dairy are all prime culprits!). So instead my lovely team rearraged our lunch date to Blackhouse in Leeds - that way they could still all enjoy a burger while I tucked into a juicy steak and salad. Everyone has been so accommodating of my general awkwardness and I was so pleased that I got to join in with everyone.

7) Homemade beef koftas

beef koftas

Talking about accommodating, Sam has been an absolute star. There's no way I would have been able to stick to such a strict diet if he hadn't been on hand helping me prep meals and keep the house tidy and generally being super helpful, and he's always on the look out for tasty recipes that I can still enjoy so that I'm not just eating bland food. On Friday I cam home to do these delicious beef koftas with quinoa and salad and it tasted exactly like the food at my favourite Turkish place down the road. Winning.

8) A weekend by the sea

This weekend we drove across to Anglesey to stay with Sam's parents and do some wedding planning. I always feel so lucky that we have a little base in this gorgeous part of the world, and there's nothing like waking up and staring straight out at the sea and mountains. I always feel so relaxed when we're there and I think the fresh sea air really does us good (even if it was blowing a gale this weekend!).

9) Hanging out with both of our parents

My Mum and Dad came across for the weekend too and it was really nice to hang out with both of our sets of parents. It was the first time we had all been together since Sam and I got engaged so it felt quite celebratory (albeit without the booze for me!) and I really enjoyed catching up with them all and showing my Mum and Dad around the beautiful island.

10) Finding our wedding venue!

After lots of budget discussions and venue visits and wedding chat, I think we have found our perfect wedding venue! We visited quite a few places this weekend and had a few options in mind, but as soon as we visited both the church and the venue we decided on I think we all knew they were the ones. We're just firming up some dates with the church, but hopefully we'll have everything booked this week and then we'll be on the official wedding countdown! Yikes...