10 favourites this week (#58)

st pancras sunshine Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe it's February today? One month down of 2016 already!

I've had the loveliest week and it's put me in a cracking mood for this one too. Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) Watching the sunrise on the way to London

I was on an eye-wateringly early train to London last Monday that was made so much easier by the absolutely gorgeous sunrise that I was watching unfold out of the window. The sky turned so many shades of orange and pink and it just felt like such a lovely start to the week. Made even better by the glorious blue skies that greeted me in London.

2) Toy Fair

I'm super lucky that my job involves me having to know a lot about toys and what the kids are playing with these days - which of course means I have to do my research and play with toys every now and then! I spend the first two days of the week at London's Toy Fair with my lovely team checking out all of the new and exciting products and having lots of productive meetings - I left feeling very inspired and excited for the year ahead.

3) Booking our wedding

After totally falling in love with the church and venue we saw last weekend, this week we paid our deposit and made it official! I feel like now we have the venue started we can really get cracking on all the fun creative stuff - please send any good Pinterest boards or blogs my way for inspiration. 508 days and counting until I become Mrs Airey - yikes!

4) Learning about linoprinting

linoprinting lighthouse

I know I mentioned my printing class last week but I had to add it to this week's list too as it was two of the most enjoyable hours of my week! This week we were focussing on the linoprinting technique and I found it so relaxing and therapeutic - and I was really pleased with the outcome of my little seaside inspired lighthouse.

5) A cosy night in

The weather in Leeds has been horrendous this week and I've been feeling quite tired too, so when Thursday evening rolled around, I was ready for a cosy night in. I painted my nails, gave myself a mini at home facial and Sam made us a delicious tea. Just taking a few hours out to have some down time and look after myself made me feel so much better.

6) New nail varnishes

Since cleaning up my diet and eating much healthier, my nails are growing so much faster! They are currently longer than they have ever been naturally, and so to celebrate I treated myself to a couple of new Barry M gel nail varnishes. I really want to keep looking after them - they've never been super strong but I'm hoping with a bit of extra care they'll be looking lady like in no time.

7) Booking flights to Sydney


We've planning and saving for a trip to Australia since my lovely friend Steph moved there in October, and this week we finally got round to booking our flights to Sydney! We won't be visiting Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur as previously planned as we're trying to save as much as we can for the wedding (and honeymoon!) but I can't WAIT to spend a week down under drinking prosecco with this beauty.

8) A lovely long catch up call with my bestie

I spent Friday night having a long overdue catch up on the phone with one of my oldest friends, Fiona. I always lose complete track of time when I'm talking to her and an hour and a half later we were still waffling on. There's something about catching up with old friends that always makes me feel so much more myself - I can't wait to catch up with her in person next weekend!

9) Celebrating Tom's 30th birthday

On Saturday night we headed out to celebrate Sam's brother's 30th and we had SUCH a lovely evening. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and have a giggle at old photos (Sam's dad had compiled a genius slideshow of embarrassing pics) and generally have a fab evening of celebrating - I was in such a lovely mood that I didn't even miss having a glass of fizz!

10) Lots of family time

The birthday celebrations mean we've spent lots of time with Sam's family this weekend and it's been so nice! Even though we were only all together a few weeks ago at Christmas it was lovely to all catch up properly about everything that's been going on. I always feel so lucky that Sam has such a great family that I genuinely love spending time with and I can't wait for all the family weddings and events that will be taking place this year.