20 signs you're addicted to travel

20 signs you're addicted to travel 1) You check Skyscanner on a daily basis, constantly on the hunt for some bargainous flights.

2) You begrudge using your annual leave for anything other than leaving the country.

3) Your bank holiday weekends are scrupulously planned to maximise on travel time.

4) Your travel bucket list grows by at least 5 places every week.

5) You get intense pangs of envy every time you see someone check in at the airport on Facebook.

6) You begrudge spending money on clothes when that money could be spent on flights and hotels.

7) But any clothes you do buy are bought with whatever trip you have planned in mind.

8) You always have your next holiday booked to prepare you for those post-trip blues.

9) Your iPhone weather app is filled with all the destinations you're planning to visit.

10) You'd much rather read the Lonely Planet magazine than Vogue.

11) Your friends and family are always asking for tips on how to get a good deal.

12) Your purse is always full of leftover bits of currency.

13) You are an absolute pro at packing, even when you only have hand luggage.

14) Your bookcase is filled with travel guides for various cities and countries.

15) And your Pinterest boards are filled with dreamy destinations that you'd like to travel to next.

16)  You get super restless if you have too much time in between trips.

17) You're never happier than when you're touching down in a new location, ready to explore.

18) When friends move away you see it as an opportunity for more holidays.

19) Your daydreams aren't about bags or shoes, but about booking flights to new places.

20) You have a drawer full of beauty tester pots for your next hand luggage only trip.