10 favourites this week (#59)

tulips Hi everyone! How are you all on this grey and drizzly Monday? I feel like the weekends and evenings are all going too quickly at the moment - there's never enough time for all of the things I want to do!

Saying that, I did manage to squeeze in some pretty lovely things this week. AND I have some exciting stuff going on with the blog this week - keep reading to find out more! Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) Giving blood

I used to give blood really regularly when I was at uni - they used to set up donation centres on campus which both reminded me and made it really easy. Being at work full time has made it more difficult to find time, but that really is no excuse! I have a frew friends who have relied on blood transfusions in the past few years so I made myself an appointment a couple of weeks ago and on Monday I took myself off to the donation centre at lunch time. It really doesn't hurt at all, and you leave feeling like a total hero knowing you might have saved someone's life. A pretty good start to Monday if you ask me!

2) An epic book haul

Continuing with the theme of getting the week of to a great start, I also treated myself to a pretty mahoosive book order. I've been really enjoying reading recently and I've been tearing through books, so it made me happy to top up my "to read" pile with a couple of purchases from Amazon and Waterstones. Watch this space for more book reviews!

3) Celebrating Sarah's birthday

Monday was also my lovely friend Sarah's birthday, so we headed out for a delicious meal at Cattlegrid after work. My friends have all been so supportive of choosing restaurant options that can accommodate my current sugar/dairy/gluten free needs, and Monday was no different! We ate delicious steak, gave Sarah all of her pressies and generally had a lovely evening.

4) Sparkly shoes

sparkly shoes

I've had these shoes for a little while but I put them away after our holiday back in September and forgot all about them! I was rummaging around for a belt earlier on this week and found them again - I've been wearing them with pretty dresses all week in an attempt to cheer up what has been quite a dull week at work.

5) Subscribing to lots of newsletters

It seems newsletters are the in thing of 2016, and lucky for me, all of my favourite bloggers seems to be starting them! I went on a bit of a subscribing spree earlier on in the week and then when Sunday rolled around I had loads of lovely articles and links in my inbox waiting to be read. It made for a very lovely Sunday on the sofa reading through them all with a cup of peppermint tea.

6) A brand new baby in our family

newborn baby

On Friday my cousin gave birth to a beautiful little boy, our brand new baby Buddy! We didn't know what Hayley was expecting so Friday morning was a very exciting one waiting to find out and we were all thrilled to hear the good news. Having a little snuggle with him on Saturday evening was definitely the highlight of my whole week and I'm already craving more cuddles!

7) An unexpected weekend at home

Buddy arrived a week or so early, so his birth also meant an unplanned weekend at home. I unfortunatley had to miss out on a few things I had planned in Leeds, but it was lovely to have a weekend at home getting looked after by my Mum and Dad. I also got to see some of my favourite little people and dish out some pressies for impending family birthdays this week which was lovely. Plus my bed at home is almost certainly the comfiest bed in all the world.

8) A H&M home haul

My mum and I managed to squeeze in a little visit to the Trafford Centre at the weekend and I was very excited to check out the H&M home concession in Selfridges. I treated us to a few little bits for our new house and have already got a few more on my list for when we move in. It shouldn't be too much longer now until we get our keys - a month at most!

9) A lazy Sunday morning

big little lies liane moriarty

Another great thing about being at home is having a slower start to Sunday. I woke up pretty early, my dad brought me a cup of tea in bed and I sat and read my book for a couple of hours without a care in the world. Normally Sunday is the day we're prepping for the week, so I'm always running round doing washing or meal prep, so it was nice to have a bit of a slower one.

10) My upcoming Travel Takeover

Now this is definitely one of the most exciting things that I've been working on this week! February has been cold and dark so far, and it has had me dreaming of holidays and exotic travels. So this week I will be running a Travel Takeover on the blog, with a guest post a day from some of my favourite travel bloggers. I've seen all of the posts and there are some real treats in store for you all, so please do keep checking back and having a bit of a read - hopefully it will cheer up a rainy week and get you planning some exciting travels...