Travel Takeover | 5 European Cities you Need to Visit in 2016

All this week on the blog I'm hosting a Travel Takeover to help you blow away those winter blues. Today I've got a fab post for you from the lovely Jasmin - she is always off on exciting city breaks and her travel guides are some of my favourite. Make sure you check out her most recent travel post about her trip to Gran Canaria - I am SO jealous of that sunshine!

Hello there! It’s awesome to be guest posting on Soph’s lovely blog here. I’m Jasmin and blog over on Jasmin Charlotte.

When thinking about Travel Takeover, I pondered over a few topics, but then after many a discussion, I realise a lot of us are still actually trying to plan our holidays for the rest of the year (well I still am!). So here we are, with 5 awesome recommendations of European cities you can visit in good old 2016. I decided to focus in on cities, all of which I visited over a long weekend and none which will break the bank. If you still need to book yourself a wee trip this year, then get reading.

1) Porto, Portugal


You may be tempted by Lisbon, but after visiting both – Porto is definitely my favourite. This city set on the coast, not only looks absolutely gorgeous, but has more than enough things to keep you occupied. It’s set across two large hills with several bridges over the river in between. The houses all keep to the theme of white and orange, and looking across the multitude of views is gorgeous. Just look at that snap up there, from the top of a bridge over the river, looking back over the city!

Plus, Porto is the home of Port! So more than enough places to get sipping and trying this sweet drink. Other highlights include the white sand beaches, all the tapas, food tours, ruins and museums abound.

2) Copenhagen, Denmark


My next recommendation is in the opposite direction, but is the perfect place to start in Scandinavia. It is crazily close to the UK, like less than an hour flight. But is a gorgeous city and new culture to explore. The city itself is very Danish, and its architecture was inspired by the Dutch, so think a lot of tall, thin and colourful buildings.

It can be a bit pricey here, but you can get some cheaper digs if needed. But trust me, the food here is amazing! From the traditional open faced sandwich, to a whole lot of fresh, smoked fish – you will find gorgeous food. And if you are on a budget, then make sure you check out the meat packing district - trendy and will save the pennies.

3) Edinburgh, Scotland


Next, comes the beautiful Capital of Scotland – a country which always surprises me with its scenery! Edinburgh is the ideal destination, no matter what the season – full of walks in the summer but also full of homely, cozy pubs in the winter.

I highly recommend driving or getting the train up to check out the scenery in the North. Then once you get there, spend a whole lot of time walking about, there are buildings like that everywhere. And make sure you visit the spectacular castle propped on top of the hill. Try and a do a food tour when you visit, Edinburgh is full of amazing eats and historic tales.

4) Prague, Czech Republic


Now, for a good budget option – the historic city of Prague. I was so impressed when I headed over a couple of years ago. The historic old town is full of pristine buildings and there are hidden gems around every corner. The country is still on the local currency, not the euro which keeps the cost down, but it’s still such a high quality city.

When there, I recommend taking a day to visit the palace, but also try and get out of the city to see some of the surrounding countryside. And be sure to get your fair share of beer, there are little microbreweries hidden in a whole load of basements!

5) Budapest, Hungary


Last but by no means least, Budapest was my first solo trip and one I have remembered fondly since. Not only is it a bargain, but it is full of stunning architecture surrounded by the river. I did go in the middle of Winter so was surrounded by a whole lot of snow, but I am desperate to go back. The baths in the summer are something which has been recommended to me many times! Plus the flight isn’t even too long from London.

So there we have it, 5 places to pop on your list to visit in 2016. City breaks are the ideal as you get to experience a whole new place, surrounded by the culture but you can also manage to do it on a budget. Plus, if you do it over a long weekend, you don’t usually have to spend a whole lot of annual leave either.

It’s been a pleasure guest posting here, I blog a whole lot about travel so if you need a bit more inspiration about places to visit in Europe, spots to discover in London or even a few places further afar, then come and say hello!

JC xx