10 favourites this week (#60)

image First up - how have I written SIXTY of these things?! I swear I'm absolutely crap at sticking at anything for longer than a month, so it's testament to how much I love blogging that this little series is still going over a year later.

I'm writing this post on the train back home to Leeds after the loveliest weekend in London with Sam. I feel so happy and content and inspired and ready for the week - isn't it amazing the way a little break away can make you feel like a new person?

Its been a lovely week - one filled with lots of inspiration and excitement and plenty of ideas. Life is pretty damn lovely at the moment.

Here are my 10 favourites this week....

1) My Travel Takeover

Hopefully some of you will have seen my Travel Takeover on here last week - I asked a bunch of my favourite bloggers to take part and I was bloody chuffed that they wanted to write travel posts for this little blog. And from the sounds of your feedback and comments you all enjoyed it too! My favourite thing about blogging is the community and it was so wonderful to collaborate with amazing writers who I admire - you can catch up on the posts here if you missed them.

2) Screenprinting a tote bag

anchor totebag

This week's printing class was all about screenprinting on fabric and I absolutely loved it! Sticking with my nautical theme, I decided to print some tote bags with an anchor on them and I love how they turned out. It was such a simple technique to learn and definitely something I feel I could replicate at home, so I definitely want to play around with other shapes and icons. Any suggestions?

3) A very positve session with my nutritionist

On Tuesday I went back to see my nutritionist for the first time since starting my diet overhaul at the beginning of January. She was thrilled with the progress I've made and the great news is that I can start to reintroduce some new foods (and wine!) back into my diet in a couple of weeks. Chatting to her filled me with so much fresh motivation to get myself as healthy as I can be, and I left my appointment feeling really proud of what I've achieved already. And the fact that I am feeling SO much better is definitely a highlight of the week for me.

4) Deliciously Ella cookbooks

deliciously ella

In the spirit of continuing my quest for peak health, I treated myself to the two Deliciously Ella cookbooks this week. I had heard rave reviews about the first one and after stalking some of the recipes on Ella's Instagram feed I decided I definitely needed the second one too. I find Ella's philosophy about food so inspiring, and the few recipes I have tried were bloody delicious. Watch this space for more in-depth reviews.

5) Leaving work when it's light

I was hurrying along to the bus stop after work the other night when I suddenly realised something major - it was STILL LIGHT. It made me so happy and I've been massively appreciating it every night since. It is filling me with so much excitment for spring and sunshine and warmer days and light evenings that don't make me feel like I want to hibernate forever. Tell me I'm not the only one who gets weirdly excited about daylight?!

6) Gorgeous Valentine's flowers


We were away from home for the weekend and we had agreed not to do Valentine's gifts this year, what with us spending every penny we've ever earned buying a house, so it was such a lovely surprise to come home to these gorgeous flowers from Sam on Friday. Perhaps even more exciting was the fact that he's done the dishes, put a wash on and cleaned the kitchen, because everyone knows that a true romance is a free pass from domestic duties.

7) Penguin Little Black Classics

I've been keeping my eyes peeled for the Penguin 80p Classics ever since I heard about them last year, but I'd never come across them anywhere in Leeds. But while we were scouring Foyles on the Southbank on Saturday afternoon we came across a whole stack of them and duly stocked up. We got 7 ace books for £5.60 - how good is that?! I can't wait to get stuck into them.

8) A lovely weekend in London

I had some hotel points to use up and so a couple of months ago we booked a little trip to London. After a really busy couple of weeks and pretty much opposite schedules for me and Sam, it felt like it came just at the right time. We didn't really have much of an agenda other than to hang out together, and we had such a lovely time just wandering and exploring and stopping to eat or drink coffee. It definitely helped that London brought the sunshine out for us on Sunday - just look at how blue that sky was!

9) Brunch at Jackson & Rye


Food is the way to both mine and Sam's heart, so we knew we had to kick off Valentine's Day with a strong brunch game. We headed to Jackson & Rye in Soho and we weren't disappointed! Our waitress was really great at tweaking my dish so that it fitted in with my numerous restrictions and everything tasted just gorgeous. The space itself really reminded me of a couple of New York restaurants and definitely had us dreaming of another visit stateside. A must visit for a classic Sunday brunch if you're ever in the capital.

10) An epic Wholefoods haul

WHY OH WHY don't we have Wholefoods in the north?! It would make me so happy if we had one in Leeds, but alas we don't, so instead I spent a good solid hour in the Picadilly Circus branch stocking up on all the great healthy eats that are either a) impossible to find or b) SO much more expensive in the health food shops up our way. I can't tell you how much joy I found debating the different options of coconut yoghurt and the many varieties of brown rice pasta. Plus those fresh juices are the bomb.