What I Eat In A Day

what i eat in a day Quite a few of you commented on my recent health update post asking to hear more about what I've actually been eating, so I thought I'd pull together a little "what I eat in a day" post. I love reading these posts on other people's blogs because a) I'm nosey, b) I love food and c) I'm always looking for some fresh meal inspiration, so hopefully this will be interesting for some of you!

I must stress that this is what I've been eating since my diet overhaul, and has been advised for me personally by my nutritionist following rigorous testing. Always speak to a GP or a health expert before cutting out any major food groups as you could end up missing some essential nutrients. Plus, trust me when I say that you don't want to cut out any truly delicious stuff unless you absolutley have to!


green juice

I'm a creature of habit and have had the same breakfast pretty much every day since starting this back in January - green juices have been my absolute staple and it has been really nice knowing that I'm starting my day with a load of goodness. I typically whizz up some spinach, cucumber, frozen broccoli, chia seeds and a green apple in my Nutribullet, with some ginger, lemon juice and mint thrown in for flavour. I usually add some water too so that it is has more of a juice texture rather than a thick smoothie. Occasionally I'll mix it up and have some mashed avocado on Ryvita if I'm feeling crazy, but usually green juice is my number 1. They're also pretty easy to pick up if you're out and about - opt for a fresh juice bar so you can make sure they aren't adding loads of sweet stuff, or swing by Pret for a Meaner Green.


deliciously ella

I tend to try and batch cook my lunches on a Sunday, as the thought of having to make a packed lunch every evening after a long day at work is just far too much for my tired brain to hande. One of my fave lunches is chicken and quinoa salad - I roast a big chicken on a Sunday and whip up a batch of this delish quinoa salad with spring radishes and greens to go with it. The salad is really fresh and tasty, and the combination of a good chunk of protein with lots of veggies keeps me full all afternoon. Recently I've also been trying some recipes from the Deliciously Ella cookbooks - this chickpea, quinoa and turmeric curry is really good lunch time comfort food and freezes really well.


what i eat in a day

Dinner times tend to be focussed on a similar formula of a good source of protein and loads of veggies. These kebabs are a definite fave (especially served with homemade raita made with bio yoghurt and mint) along with chicken stir fries or quinoa fried rice (using tamari instead of soy sauce for flavouring). Sunday roasts have also been a staple - I've been roasting tasty cuts of meat and serving it up with a plate full of seasonal veggies. When out and about my go to selection has been steak with veggies or loads of plain salad - be wary of salad dressings as bizarrely so many of them are full of sugar! Most restaurants have been great at tweaking any dishes to make them work for me so don't be afraid to ask.


Now that I'm eating loads of protein I haven't been feeling the need to snack as much, but I do have a few go tos when I feel the need. I always keep a bag of brazil or macadamia nuts in my bag for emergency snacl situations, and avocado or hummus on rice cakes are great if I feel the need for an afternoon snack. And Coyo is my absolute favourite thing ever if I fancy a little something after dinner - it's so creamy and delicious!

Please let me know if you have any good recipe recommendations or cook books for me to try - I love finding new favourites!