Wedding Talk (#1)

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Happy Wednesday everyone! We're more than half way done with the early get ups for this week and it's all downhill to the weekend from here. And as I've got a weekend full of wedding fun planned (including trying on dresses for the first time, yikes!), I thought it might be a nice idea to check in and give you all a little rambly update on how our planning is going...

The great news is that we have set a date! Finding our venue was actually pretty painless and we only saw two potential venues before making a decision. I do think it was made a lot easier though by doing a bit of planning up front - we already knew that we definitely wanted to get married in Anglesey and had a good grasp of particular areas that we were keen on. Plus we had also worked out number of guests and had a good grasp of budget and what we could afford, so we weren't bothered about seeing venues that were out of our price range.We also had a pretty clear vision of what we wanted for our day - we're quite relaxed people so we knew we didn't want anything super formal or traditional, which ruled out a lot of the local hotels. Being able to put our own stamp on the day was the most important thing to us both, and was definitely the deciding factor in our choice.

We are both really in love with our venue and we definitely got the feels as soon as we rocked up. I could just picture us there straight away, surrounded by all of our loved ones. The grounds are really gorgeous and fit with the outdoorsy theme we wanted, plus there are lots of old rustic holiday cottages on site, which means we can turn it into more of a wedding weekend. It definitely helped that the owner and wedding planner are both absolutely lovely and so down to earth - we can't wait to work with them both to craft our dream day.

We had always said that we wanted to get married out of season, with either a late spring or autumn wedding, but as our choice of location has more of an outdoors vibe going on which we felt would be much better suited to summer. We wanted our guests to be able to enjoy sitting out by the firepits until the early hours and also for them to be able to make the most of the seaside location at some point during the weekend. Obviously the weather isn't guaranteed during any month of the year (especially not in Wales!) but June will hopefully give us a better chance of sunshine - plus we can make the most of the long day and later sunset.

Now that we have our venue sorted, I'm feeling really excited about getting stuck into all the fun stuff! We've been speaking to some street food vendors about catering - we really want to have some of our favourite foods served up, and we're currently thinking fish and chips and Mexican grub. My cousin is a florist so it's been super fun speaking to her about potential decor options and beautiful blooms - we want to keep things quite boho and chilled, so I'm thinking that wild flowers will be perfect.

We've also been eyeing up some photographers - I think this will be the hardest decision we have to make! I really don't want to scrimp on a photographer as the photos are all we'll have to look back on after the event. We've seen a couple that we really like, but please please please let me know if you have any recommendations.

And then there's wedding dresses! I haven't tried any on yet, but I have an appointment at a bridal boutique on Saturday and I can't wait. I have no idea what sort of thing I want or what will suit me, so I'm hoping to get a bit of a steer on what I like. I'm taking my Mum and my sister with me, and we'll also be checking out the National Wedding Show in Manchester, so it's bound to be a really exciting day.

That's all we've got for now. I really want to try and keep you all up to speed with our planning, so hopefully there will be quite a few more of these wedding updates. And in the meantime, please send me any links to your favourite wedding blogs of Pinterest boards for inspiration!