Why I really love weekend breaks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sitting in a bar in Oslo in December, sipping our red wine and happily chatting away, Sam and I made a resolution to take more weekend breaks together.

Weekend breaks are a fairly new obsession for us. If you'd have asked me a couple of years ago what my holiday preference was, I'd have been all for a big extravagant fortnight long holiday to somewhere exotic. I'd have argued that you needed at least a week to switch off from work properly, and that a couple of days wasn't enought to feel refreshed. But I must admit that I'm now a total convert - and I really bloody love weekends away.

I think my love affair with them really started with our stay at Ox Pasture Hall back in November. I loved the fact that we had all the benefits of a trip away without the stress of airport security and hand luggage packing. We were only away for one night but by tagging on a daytrip to Scarborough, a lovely meal out and a stop in York to do some shopping on the way home it felt like we had a really nice break. I realised that if we had spent the same weekend at home, the hours would have passed us by in a blur of washing and food shopping and Netflix binging. It was nice to spend some proper time together.

Then came our trip to Oslo in December - we flew out to Norway after work on the Friday evening and were tucked up in our own beds again by Sunday evening. We weren't away for very long at all, and we didn't take any time off work, but it felt like we had such a refreshing break. Again, the change of pace, a new city to explore and plenty of uninterrupted time together was just what we needed, and despite having no extra time off than at a usual weekend, I felt way more energised when I headed back to work on the Monday.

There's so much to love about a weekend away - you get all the benefits of a holiday without having to eat into your annual leave. You can also make them mega affordable, meaning that you can take trips more often - I really like that it means you always have something to look forward to. You get to explore new places, eat out at different restaurants, enjoy just wandering with no real purpose. And more than anything, I love that weekend breaks force you out of your routine - our weekends at home can easily end up revolving around house admin and catching up on sleep, which while necessary every once in a while, isn't exactly overly exciting.

We've had two little weekend trips so far this year - one was to Anglesey in January to crack on with our wedding planning, and we headed down to the capital for a night away last weekend. Both have been lovely for very different reasons, and I'm enjoying planning more for the rest of the year. I'm all for using these little trips to see more of our beautiful country - who knew you didn't need to spend 6 hours on a plane to get all the excitement of a holiday?!

What do you think? Do you like to take little trips regularly or are you all for saving up for exotic breaks? Where else should we add to our list for this year?