10 favourites this week (#62)

favourites this week Happy Monday folks! Hasn't it felt like spring is on the way this weekend? I really can't wait for more sunny days and bank holiday weekends and pretty blossom popping up everywhere.

How has your week been? Mine has been pretty epic and I am feeling on top of the world at the moment - even Monday can't take the shine off it for me. Here's my 10 favourites this week...

1) We bought a house!

new home

This had to be number 1 because it's definitely the thing that has made me happiest this week. Picking up the keys to our very own home on Friday was amazing and I think made all the sweeter by some of the challenges we've had in the last year or so. It feels so ace to know that we have a permanent base, one that no landlord can ask us to leave, and I'm already so excited about decorating it and getting it looking exactly as we want it. All of the saving and paperwork and stress has definitely been worth it.

2) Dinner with the girls

I kicked off the week at The Alchemist in Leeds for a yummy dinner with some fab friends I haven't seen for a little while. It was so lovely to catch up and fill them in on our wedding plans and just generally have a laugh - isn't it ace to combat Monday blues withh fun plans? It definitely got the week off to a good start.

3) Being able to drink coffee again

costa coffee

This week I was able to reintroduce coffee after nearly 8 weeks without a drop of caffeine. I really like coffee so it was lovely to enjoy a hot cup again, but best of all was how much more awake I felt afterwards! My caffeine tolerance has really dropped and I was practically bouncing off the walls - I swear I had the most productive afternoon I've had all year as a result.

4) Being lighter than I have been in yonks

You all know that I've been switching up my diet recently in a bid to sort out the issues with my gut and it's been brilliant to be feeling much better after being poorly for so long. The other very pleasant side effect has been losing a bit of weight and I'm now lighter than I have been in over a year. It absolutely wasn't my aim, but it's definitely nice to be fitting into some of my old clothes!

5) Watching the Brits

I bloody love watching the Brits. It feels like one of those wonderfully nostalgic things that comes around every year and it always reminds me of watching the awards when I was little and thinking everyone looked so glamorous. I loved all the performances this year (Rihanna and Drake anyone?!!???) and definitely blubbed a few times at Adele's speeches - that woman is the bomb.

6) The first meal in our own home

fish and chip friday

I'd like it to be known that fish and chips and champagne go exceptionally well together. Especially when enjoyed on the floor of your brand new living room! After a crazily busy day, it was so nice to have a quiet moment with Sam and just stop and take it all in. It was also the first remotely unhealthy thing I've eaten in 8 weeks (don't tell the nutritionist) but you only buy your first house once right?!

7) Getting Frightened Rabbit tickets

Frightened Rabbit are one of my favourite bands ever, and I have so many happy memories of watching them with my friend Jess at various points over the last 8 or 9 years. When we saw that they were planning on doing a Manchester show we were adamant that we had to get tickets and relive our youth! I can't wait for a good old sing song with my favourite gig partner in crime - roll on April!

8) Being spoilt by our family

new home

My Mum and Dad came up to help us with our move on Friday and also totally spoilt us! We had tonnes of cards from our family and gorgeous flowers and candles to brighten our new living room up with. It made the place instantly feel like home and I just loved showing them around and telling them all of our ideas. We're so lucky to both have such lovely families who are always willing to help and who get just as excited about stuff as we do!

9) Getting our first taste of decorating

We spent all of Saturday painting our attic room - it's amazing how many coats of white paint it takes to cover magnolia! It was so fun to be able to launch straight in to revamping the house - there is loads to be done but it's nice knowing that we should at least have one or two rooms done by the time we move in in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to do some before and after posts!

10) Sunday lunch with our friends

the stansfield arms

Yesterday we headed to our favourite pub, The Stansfield Arms, for an epic roast dinner with our friends. I love driving out for lunch on a Sunday - it feels like such a typically British activity, and it definitely helps that the pub is so cute. Our dinner was also SO delicious and we all left in physical pain from being so full afterwards! The perfect way to round off a pretty ace weekend.