Healthy snacking with Wild Thing

wild thing organic raw paleo bar If you've been following along with this blog for the past couple of months, you'll know that I've undertaken a bit of a diet overhaul. I've transformed into one of those people I used to mock - someone who genuinely likes green juices and gets excited about trying a new Deliciously Ella recipe.

I've been whipping up tasty quinoa salads and my love of sweet potato curries is bordering on obsessive, but the one thing I have been massively struggling with is finding healthy snacks that I can rely on when I'm on the go. Plain rice cakes were starting to get really boring and sometimes when I'm on a super early train to London for work, a veg juice alone just isn't enough to keep me going.

So when the lovely folk at Wild Thing dropped me a line to see if I'd like to try out their organic Paleo raw bars, I nearly bit their hand off (no pun intended). The bars are great in that they tick pretty much every health box that you could ask for - they're gluten free, dairy free and contain only natural sugars. Best of all, they're made completely from organic and natural ingredients, and most bars contain no more than 4 or 5 ingredients each.

wild thing organic paleo raw bar

But none of that is any good if they don't taste nice right? Well thankfully, they taste bloody delicious. There are 4 different flavours at the moment - Nuts & Seeds, Coconut & Chia, Cacao & Almond and Berries & Seeds. I was most excited to try the Cacoa & Almond one as I have really been missing chocolate, but while it was very tasty, my standout favourite was definitely Coconut & Chia. They taste exactly like flapjacks made with golden syrup, and after 8 weeks of no sweet treats they have been heavenly. I love them that much that I've ordered a bulk box of them from Amazon.

I've tried other raw bars before, and quite like the Nakd ones, but the thing that makes these ones so much better is the texture of them. The Wild Thing bars have a bit more bite to them thanks to the chunks of nuts and fruit, and they somehow feel a bit more substantial and cake like. Which is always a good thing in my eyes.

They're currently stocked in Planet Organic, or you can also buy them on Amazon too, either individually or in bulk. They have been an absolute life saver for me while we've been moving house this weekend and I know that these are going to be my go to snacks for a good while longer. Although do be warned that they are seriously addictive!

* This review is in collaboration with Wild Thing Organic Paleo Bars but all photos, views and obsesions with their delicious products are my own.