A spring bucket list

spring daffodils I have been ready for spring for a really long time. I've been catching my mind wandering off, dreaming about bright sunny mornings and pretty pink blossom and lighter evenings and leaving the house without a jacket on. I love everything about spring - the hopefulness and anticipation of it, the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, the warming up of life again ready for the summer. And of course, the abundance of bank holiday weekends.

Life is crazily busy at the moment, and with so much going on I'm scared that I'll blink and spring will be over without me even realising it had begun. I'm desperate for that not to happen, I want to make the most of every single sunny moment. So I decided to pull a little spring bucket list together, a list of activities that will help me embrace this lovely season...

1) Fill my house with spring blooms. Daffodils and tulips are my faves.

2) Bake some Creme Egg brownies. This is quickly becoming an Easter tradition for us.

3) Make the most of the extra sunshine in the evenings by taking walks along the canal.

4) Visit our local farmers market and stock up on fresh produce.

5) Plant a container herb garden.

6) Host the first BBQ in our new back yard.

7) Take some pretty pictures of the spring blossom.

8) Spring clean my wardrobe and make some space for summer clothes.

9) Send out Easter cards to our family.

10) Visit the seaside.

11) Take a drive out to the countryside on a sunny Sunday.

12) Get up early to watch the sunrise.

13) Cook this delicious slow cooked lamb.

14) Use the bank holiday weekends to catch up on my to read list.

15) Visit our wedding venue in the sunshine.

16) Take a camping trip. Fingers crossed we get some good weather!

17) Try out some new restaurants in our area.

18) Embrace fresh ingredients and up my salad making game.

19) Take a yoga or pilates class.

20) Explore some new cities - I'm looking at you Copenhagen and Milan.

What else should I add to my spring bucket list?