Thank you, Mum


For always being at the end of the phone to listen to me, no matter how silly my questions might be.

For teaching me that I can do anything I put my mind to.

For having impeccable taste in clothes and jewellery, and for letting me borrow your purchases.

For always reminding me to look after myself.

For being my no. 1 blog fan.

For making the best roast dinners known to man.

For always teaching me that being happy is more important than anything else.

For showing me the wonders of good red wine.

For being the best shopping partner in the whole wide world.

For teaching me the importance of family.

For always being so generous with your time, money and patience.

For getting just as excited about stationery as I do.

For teaching me how to make the world's best chicken gravy.

For always being able to cheer me up when I'm feeling down.

For always being proud of whatever I do.

For teaching me to take care of my skin.

For inspiring me to work hard and be kind.

For having the best sense of humour ever.

For loving me unconditionally.

For being the best friend I will ever have.

I love you!