10 favourites this week (#63)

tulips spring Hey everyone! How's your week going?

Just to confuse you all, I'm posting my favourites on a Tuesday evening rather than a Monday morning. I was too busy galivanting around Copenhagen yesterday (such a lovely city!) before hop footing it down to London this morning - life is BUSY at the moment!!!

But this week has been a really super lovely one so I still wanted to check in and share all of things that have been making me smile. Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) A lunch time vlog catch up

I'm rubbish at ever actually taking a lunch break - every once in a blue moon I'll pop out to the post office or shops, but usually I'm scoffing my salad whilst also dialling into a conference call and firing off emails. I always feel a bit fresher after a break though, even if it's just for 15 minutes, so last Monday I spent my lunch time catching up on all my favourite vlogs. I haven't watched any for ages and they always make me feel really inspired, so it was definitely a good start to the week. Please recommend me some of your fave YouTubers so I can check them out?

2) Getting my nails done

radical self love

My nails have been a dire state of affairs recently, what with painting and packing and stripping wallpaper. I thought that our little holiday to Copenhagen at the weekend was a really good excuse to treat myself to a proper manicure, so I popped in to Pastille in Leeds after work for a shellac fix. The ladies in there are so lovely and my new pastel pink nails are making me feel very spring-y!

3) Aperitivo at LIVIN'Italy

LIVIN'Italy has been one of my favourite Leeds bars for a while, so when my friends suggested grabbing a drink after work last week it immediately sprung to mind. They've somehow managed to win me over even further, by offering free aperitvo with every drink between 5-7pm on week nights. With lots of candles and friendly staff, it was the perfect place to catch up over a drink and some exceptionally delicious ham - definitely check it out if you're Leeds based.

4) Stripping our wallpaper

I realise that this is a totally lame, old person thing to have on my list of favourites, but stripping the wallpaper in our new bedroom has been ridiculously satisfying. Firstly there's the actual act of stripping the wallpaper in itself which is like the best stress reliever ever (seriously, you can keep your adult colouring books!), plus getting rid of the horrendous dark purple floral paper is making me happy. I really can't wait to have our bedroom sorted and have one nice room in the house to relax in!

5) Getting spoilt by our friends

flowers pink bouquet

We were totally spoilt with housewarming gifts from our lovely friends this week which brought a huge smile to my face! We had a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrive on our doorstep that our friends in Oz had sent us, plus some very generous John Lewis vouchers which made me far more excited than they should have done. I don't care if it makes me ancient, I can't wait to buy exciting homeware products in my favourite department store! Thank you super friends for making us feel so loved.

6) A short week at work

I really think we all need to start a petition to make 4 day weeks a thing. I always feel SO much more productive when I know I have a long weekend to look forward to and the week just seems to zip past so much faster. Thanks to some annual leave and Easter I have got a short week every week this month which is giving me all the feels.

7) An early morning flight

easyjet flight

I really love flying - a) because it usually means you're going somewhere exciting on holiday and b) because it's an exciting "nothing" time where you can read your book and stare out of the window and daydream, without feeling guilty that you should be doing something more important. Friday's flight to Copenhagen was made even better by this gorgeous view - the best way to start the weekend ever, imho.

8) Cosy hour

One of my favourite things about Copenhagen was the concept of "hygge" or cosy time. Our hotel fully embraced this concept and hosted a cosy hour every evening, where they lit loads of candles and gave out free wine and beer, encouraging people to chat to each other and shield from the cold weather. It's an idea that I am absolutely in love with (mostly because wine and candles are two of my favourite things) and can't wait to put into practice in our new home once we're all moved in.

9) Snow in Copenhagen

And snow in Leeds for that matter! Althought the snow that was coming down thick and fast on our slightly hairy drive to the airport was far less enjoyable. It was so nice to see the snow coming down in Copenhagen on Saturday and Sunday and made it feel like a proper winter break just before spring starts to set in. It felt quite exciting and novel to watch the snow without worrying about driving in it or scraping the car or getting stranded at work!

10) Brunch in another city

I think that a really good way of getting a feel for another city's vibe is by heading out for Sunday brunch in one of the local neighbourhoods and we always try and do it wherever we visit. Copenhagen was no different and we had a delicious brunch at Granola in Vesterbro - I loved listening to all the different accents and relaxing over delious food (and a milkshake for Sam!). It felt like a really lovely start to our last full day in the city and like a little insight into the local culture. I would definitely recommend it as a way to get to see a different side of any city!