10 favourites this week (#64)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Happy Monday everyone! I'm particularly happy today because I have the day off work - I'm really loving having lots of short weeks at the moment, it makes work much more enjoyable.

This week has been a crazily busy but bloodly lovely one. There is so much going on at the moment and I'm pretty happy about it all. Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) Exploring Copenhagen's sights

We started the week with our last day in Copenhagen, and as the weather has been pretty damp all weekend, we still had quite a lot of sights to tick off our list. We had such a great day zipping all round the city, exploring museums and admiring the architecture - if I had it my way, all weeks would start like this. Plus, Copenhagen was the best airport I have ever been too - we ate gyoza at Yo! Sushi and drank red wine before we boarded the plane. Such a dreamy Monday evening.

2) Dinner at Flat Iron


I was in London for work this week and made the most of my stopover by meeting up with one of my best uni pals, Laura. We headed to Flat Iron near Kingly Court for some delicious steak and a mega gossip and it was just LOVELY. The food there is amazing (and such good value!) and it was ace to catch up with Laura after a few months of not seeing each other.

3) Celebrating International Women's Day at work

I feel so lucky to work for a company that thoroughly embraced International Women's Day and put on a whole host of workshops and lectures to celebrate. I went to a really great talk about taking charge of your career as a woman and some of the research behind it was SO insightful and inspiring. I'll definitely be putting some of the tips into practice!

4) Job shadowing

As part of my development programme at work I have been given the opportunity to shadow another department at work and this week I had my kick off session. I'm so excited to see how other teams work and to see what I can learn from them - I truly believe that variety is key for keeping things interesting and I know this will be a great experience for me.

5) A quiet Friday night

Since picking our new house keys up two weeks ago we have spent every spare evening or hour at the house, painting woodwork or stripping wallpaper or cleaning cupboards. With that and being away for work/holidays, it felt like we really needed a bit of chill time, so on Friday we made some steak for dinner, poured some wine and chilled out in front of Gogglebox. The perfect start to a very busy weekend.

6) My best blog stats week EVER

Despite only publishing 3 posts this week (naughty me!), I've managed to have my best week of blog stats ever! I've had a couple of mentions on some great blogs (thank you muchly lovely fellow bloggers) and some shares of old list posts on Facebook that have given me some really good views this weekend, and while we all know that numbers aren't everything, it has definitely put a smile on my face.

7) Sampling our new takeaway

We had a new Indian takeaway open up in our village this week, and after a long day of moving boxes and suitcases and furniture on Saturday, we decided to test it out for ourselves. We'd heard good things and we definitely weren't disappointed - we'll definitely be indulging again soon!

8) Freshly plastered walls

I know that this is a really yawn-fest, old age, boring thing to be excited about, but I can't hide the fact that I am so chuffed with my freshly plastered walls. Our house may be covered in dust and it may have cost us a small fortune, but both of our bedrooms are looking a million percent better. Now we can move on to the REALLY exciting stuff, like new carpets and paint colours and gorgeous prints. Bring it on.

9) Our first sleepover in the new house


Probably the thing that has made me happiest the week! Everything is still totally chaotic and a mess and definitely not in the right place, but we are finally all moved in and sleeping in our very own house. It was so exciting to week up here on Sunday morning knowing that it's all ours. I can't wait to see how it looks when we have executed all of our elaborate plans and ideas!

10) The first day of spring

Didn't yesterday just feel like the first day of spring? The weather was oh so perfect and it was amazing not to have to wear a coat! We were moving for most of it so we didn't get to appreciate it fully, but I was definitely enjoying the balmy temperatures and the pastel skies. I'm definitely hoping the good weather sticks around for a while longer - it makes everything feel so much more hopeful!