You are not a failure


For struggling to fit a workout into your weekly schedule.

For needing 3 cups of coffee to function in the morning.

For buying magazines and never getting round to reading them.

For not learning from your mistakes.

For having a home that is far from Pinterest-worthy.

For comparing yourself to other people.

For wishing Mini Eggs counted as one of your 5-a-day.

For crying hysterically sometimes and not really understanding why.

For drinking wine on a Monday.

For never getting to the bottom of your to do list.

For secretly enjoying an evening on the sofa more than a night out with friends.

For spending half of your wages in Topshop on payday.

For sometimes struggling to see the silver lining.

For spending boring meetings daydreaming about exotic destinations.

For snoozing your alarm four times before you wake up.

For letting your annoying colleague irritate you.

For buying the shoes even when you have nothing to go with them.

For not knowing the words to any songs in the top 40.

For "forgetting" to enter things on My Fitness Pal.

For feeling totally overwhelmed by life admin.

For forgetting to call your friends/grandparents/auntie sometimes.

For ignoring the dishes in exchange for a night in front of Netflix.

For never being able to find matching socks.

For killing all of your house plants within 2 weeks of buying them.

For not having a life plan sorted by the age of 25.

For still needing your Mum to help you make life decisions.

For having a savings account with no money in it.

For sometimes having to admit that you need a little sanity break.

For never being on top of your email inbox.

For forgetting to do your skincare routine after a night out.

For sometimes being envious of everyone you follow on Instagram.

For wearing whatever is clean rather than put together outfits.