10 things to do this weekend

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It's nearly here guys. The BEST weekend of the year is very nearly upon us. The one where we all get four consecutive days off work (well most of us - sorry bartenders/retail staff/people who work in hospitality. I've been there, I feel your pain) with an insane amount of delicious chocolatey treats thrown in for good measure.

I really can't wait to have some extra time off. I've got a girls night out planned, some much needed chill time, and of course a lot of DIY. Because that is my life now.

But just in case you aren't compelled to spend your four days building an IKEA bed and sanding down your skirting boards, I thought I'd share a little list of things to do this weekend. Gotta maximise those bank holidays with fun stuff, no?

1) Bake these delicious looking Mini Egg brownies. Bound to make you a winner in the eyes of you friends and family (or you could just eat them all while laid on the sofa watching Netflix, cause FESTIVE).

2) Invite your best girls round and drink bucket loads of Prosecco. ASDA have got an offer on that makes it *almost* as cheap as lemonade...

3) Have at least one day where you don't change out of your PJs. Put the duvet on the sofa and bask in your sweet, sweet slobbing freedom.

4) Find some new favourite blogs. Indulge in trawling through the archives and saving some of your most loved posts. You can check out some of my faves here.

5) Plan a trip. There's something about spring that always has me racing to plan holidays and trips and dreaming about all of the summer fun that will be had. Devote a couple of hours to Skyscanner and thank me later.

6) Go on a local adventure. It might me be visiting a new town or village, or just checking out some new haunts in your area. We're planning a trip to Fodder in Harrogate for some local foody goodness.

7) Revisit your New Year's resolutions. We're nearly a quarter of the way through 2016 (yikes!) so now is a good time to look back at your goals and see how you're getting on.

8) Hang out with your family. The long weekends are a perfect time to squeeze in visits with family that you might not have seen for a while. Make it even better by digging old photos out and laughing at bad hair dos.

9) Play board games. I don't know about you, but we hardly ever have time to utilise our fantastic (in my humble opinion) board games selection, which is sad because Trivial Pursuit brings me deep joy. Definitely dusting off that bad boy this weekend.

10) Treat yo'self. Loads of places have got sales and deals on and so you really shouldn't feel too guilty about giving your wardrobe a little spring update. I'm eyeing up La Redoute who have a whopping 40% off EVERYTHING. You're welcome.