10 favourites this week (#66)

IMG_3699 Happy bank holiday Monday people! Don't you wish every Monday could be a bank holiday? 3 day weekends should SO be a thing.

Did you all have a lovely Easter weekend? Ours was filled with lots of DIY, but also some nice family time, and a sizeable helping of roast lamb which definitely eased our painting blues! Anyway, before I get carried away with dull stories about varnishing skirting boards, I better fill you in on my 10 favourites this week...

1) New home goodies

This week has been a good one for homeware bits and pieces. First of all I managed to get a couple of my all time fave candles in Homesense and then I treated us to some new jazzy bedding for our spare room while La Redoute had their 40% off deal. And then to top it off, Sam's brother and his lovely girlfriend Kate bought us some gorgeous bits from Oliver Bonas which I am in LOVE with. I am very much enjoying filling our new house with pretty things!

2) Some exciting blog opportunities

I have had some really exciting emails and invites land in my inbox over the past couple of weeks and it is filling me with so much blogging inspiration! I always feel really privileged and lucky when I get given ace opportunities because of this little space, and while I'd carry on writing and uploading regardless, it definitely does keep me motivated and inspired.

3) Running again

I have to be honest and admit that I haven't done exercise in a REALLY long time. With all the hassle of the house move and a couple of busy months at work I've found myself making lots of excuses, but this week I got my backside out for a couple of runs and actually really enjoyed them! I'm hoping that with the evenings getting lighter again I will be able to get myself back in a good routine.

4) A little New Look haul

I haven't been into New Look for ages, but after seeing a few people flashing new pieces from there on Instagram I decided to pop in for a little mooch on my lunch break. I was so pleasantly surprised and managed to pick up a nice culotte jumpsuit and a new pair of shoes which were both absolute bargains. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on all of their new seasons collections.

5) More spring like weather

I know, I know, the weather over the past couple of days has been really grim (especially in the rainy north!) but you have to admit that we had some absolutely gorgeous days last week. I know that the weather is a really stereotypically dull thing to write about but those bright blue sunshine-y days are just giving me all the feels at the moment.

6) Girls night out


On Thursday night me and two of my gorgeous gal pals headed out for a proper girly night to celebrate the long weekend and we had SUCH a fun time. We drank enough prosecco to sink a small boat, ate delicious Italian food at Gusto and gossiped to our hearts' content - it was bliss. I can't wait until July when we'll be reunited with our two other besties for a full on girly reunion!

7) A very lazy Good Friday

The copious amounts of prosecco made for a slightly sore head on Friday which was a good excuse for starting the weekend a little bit lazily. We slept in till late, indulged in some naughty food and had a pretty epic nap - it was so nice to just have a slow day, knowing that we had 3 more days off together to crack on with the DIY.

8) Hanging out with Sam's family

Sam's parents were up visiting (and helping with proper grown up stuff, like rewiring light fittings!) this weekend which meant that we got to spend lots of quality time with them and Tom and Kate, who have also just picked up the keys to their new home this week. Saturday night was particularly brilliant - after a busy day of moving/painting/furniture building, we ordered a totally gluttonous amount of food from our local takeaway and chilled out with some beers. Just what we all needed I think!

9) Finally finishing our bedroom


A month after collecting our keys, we have finally managed to finish a room. It has been a long slog of replastering and sanding and painting and varnishing, but our bedroom is finally done and I can't tell you how amazing it is to sleep in a bed rather than on a mattress on the floor! I'll be doing a full bedroom tour once we've finished the last bits like hanging pictures and curtains, so watch this space...

10) Making plans

This week has been a good one for making plans, which is one of my favourite things to do! We've been doing some research for another city break (we're thinking Rome!), checking out some photographers for the wedding and I also booked some tickets to go and see Bat for Lashes with one of my besties in a couple of weeks. Lots of exciting things to look forward to!