24 things I've learnt since buying a house

IMG_3723 1) Every DIY job will take at least 4 times longer than you expected it to.

2) It will also cost at least 4 times more than you budgeted for.

3) It's impossible to maintain decent looking nails while stripping wallpaper/sanding skirting boards/painting walls.

4) Pinterest will become even more addictive now you can actually put your plans into action.

5) You will want to do a little sob every time you check your bank balance.

6) You will start lusting after pretty cushions and throws rather than shoes and make up.

7) You will always either forget something very crucial or buy the wrong thing whenever you go to B&Q.

8) The smell of fresh paint is impossible to get rid of.

9) As is plaster dust. Seriously, my sofa is covered in the stuff.

10) You will become weirdly proud of your DIY efforts and want to show them off to EVERYONE.

11) Ordering new carpets can legit give you the same feeling of excitement as booking a holiday.

12) Takeaway is the only option after a long day of manual labour.

13) You will go to the tip way more than is remotely cool for any 26 year old.

14) Seeing how much you owe on your mortgage will give you serious fear.

15) Painting elbow (like tennis elbow but with more paint splatters) is a genuine thing. SO sore.

16) You will find yourself wondering whether you should have just spent the deposit money travelling the world.

17) You will find it impossible to concentrate on anything other than furniture and colour schemes.

18) Not being able to phone up a landlord when something breaks is terrifying.

19) You will pine for the weekends spent binge watching Netflix in your PJs.

20) It takes at least 4 coats of white paint to cover horrible yellow-y magnolia.

21) John Lewis vouchers are basically the dream gift.

22) It's truly impossible to paint a ceiling when you're only 5 foot 4. Thank God for tall boyfriends.

23) I'm really not cut out for manual labour. Give me a laptop and a desk any day.

24) It's *almost* as fun as decorating your Sim's house was back in the day...