Reflecting on the year so far

reflecting on the year so far I nearly fell off my chair yesterday when someone at work mentioned that we're nearly a quarter of the way through 2016 already. Like, how did that happen?! I know it's such a cliche thing to say, but the older I get, the faster the time seems to whizz by.

It's been quite a hectic start to the year for me. Just even writing this post made me feel a bit tired thinking about everything that's happened. It's been pretty crazy around here recently and I haven't really had much time to stop and think and process. I always think the start of spring is such a good time to reflect on the year so far, but also to check in on any goals or resolutions for the next few months. So here goes...


We've made some pretty good progress with wedding planning in that we actually set a date and booked a venue, but truth be told, we've done very little since then! I'd really like to get some of the other big bits, like a photographer and caterers, sorted in the next couple of months so that we can relax and enjoy some of the more fun parts of planning (like flowers and colour schemes and Pinterest boards!). It would also be good to FINALLY get all of the save the dates sent out as I have been slacking a bit with writing and posting them!


Unless you've been living under some kind of huge rock you will have probably heard me harping on about the fact that we recently bought a house. I feel like so much of the last year was building up to this point, and it feels kind of surreal to be completed and moved in. We're well underway with putting our own stamp on things, and while the past month or so has been a hectic blur of renovations, I'm hoping that once our new carpets get fitted we can start to unpack and relax a bit more. We'd really like to update the kitchen (it's currently a nasty shade of bathroom blue!) but we'll need to save a considerable amount of money first, so I think the rest of 2016 will be dedicated to making the rest of the place feel more homely and "us".


A big part of the beginning of my year was dedicated to getting my health back on track and I'm pleased to tell you that I am feeling SO much better than I was back in December. However, I have to admit that since moving house I've been letting things slide a little bit - we've had a few too many takeaways and I haven't been getting my green juice in everyday. I really don't want to go back to feeling like I was, so getting back into my healthy routine is definitely a priority for me and I'm also hoping that the lighter evenings will make it a little bit easier to fit some more exercise in too.


Amongst all the chaos, we've managed to squeeze in pretty much a trip a month, visiting Anglesey, London and Copenhagen so far this year. We've also been busy planning some more jollies for the rest of the year and currently have a weekend in Milan, a family trip to Spain and a couple of weeks in Sydney booked and I am SO excited about them all. Travel is a real priority for me at the moment as it's one of the things that makes me most happy - maybe we'll even get another little city break squeezed in there too before 2016 is out!


I feel like my blogging mojo has been a bit up and down so far this year, but thankfully I've been feeling really inspired recently. I've had some exciting invites and opportunities come my way which I'm excited to share with you all and I feel like all of the time spent plugging away at this little space is really starting to pay off. I've got some big ideas and plans that I'd like to put into action before 2017 rolls around too, so watch this space!