10 favourites this week (#67)

starbucks spring cup Happy Monday everyone! I'm feeling pretty chipper today despite this being my first full week at work for nearly 2 months now - I'm going to be super tired come Friday.

Mondays are definitely a lot easier when you've had a great week thought aren't they? And this one sure has been a good'un. Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) Bank holiday Monday

I'm a firm believer that all Mondays should be bank holidays. I don't know why but 4 day weeks just feel so much more manageable and it's so nice to get the week off to a slower start. We spent ours doing yet more DIY, visiting Sam's brothers new house and making epic sausage and mash for dinner, it was so lovely. Although if someone could let the sun know to turn up for the next one that would be great.

2) Booking our Airbnb for Milan

We're off to the Italian fashion capital the first weekend in May and this week we finally got round to sorting out an apartment. We've booked the dreamiest little Airbnb near the central station and I can't wait to get there now! If anyone has any travel guide posts or tips for Milan then please let me know or link them in the comments!

3) Setting up my bullet journal

bullet journal

I know, I know, I'm like a year late to the party, but this week I started a bullet journal after swooning over all of the pretty posts on Instagram. I treated myself to this notebook and a load of coloured pens and got to work doodling and setting it up - it's still early days but I am already totally obsessed with it! Again - if you have any tips or posts on how to get the most from it hook a girl up.

4) The lighter evenings

I know this is quite a lame thing to include in this post, but the lighter evenings have genuinely been making me so happy, so they're getting a mention. It's so nice to finish work and know that it'll still be bright when I get home - I'm looking forward to it getting a little bit warmer now too so I can make the most of Leeds' beer gardens and roof terraces!

5) Unroll.Me

This isn't the sort of thing I'd normally include here, but after Lily Pebbles mentioned it on her March faves vlog, I thought I'd give it a go and I'm obsessed! Basically it's a website that helps you unsubscribe en masse to those pesky junk emails - it took me about 3 minutes to do and has saved me so much time deleting pointless emails. Definitely check it out if you're sick of getting 7 Groupon emails a day that you never actually open!

6) Wine and flowers

tulips and wine

On Thursday evening Sam came home from work with my two favourite things: wine and flowers! It was totally out of the blue and a very lovely thoughtful gesture - the gorgeous bright yellow tulips have been cheering me up all weekend. Gold star and extra boyfriend brownie points for sure.

7) New carpets

I don't care how dull this makes me sound, but this was by far the most exciting thing that happened to me last week! Our new carpets got fitted on Friday and it means that we can finally start to unpack and put everything away in their new place. After 5 weeks of living in a totally chaotic house I am so chuffed to not have bedroom furniture in the kitchen anymore! Plus they're totally lush and feel so soft and bouncy underfoot - what's not to love?!

8) #Jet2Sunchester


On Saturday morning I headed across to Manchester with some fellow bloggers for the #Jet2Sunchester event and I had such a good day! I've got a full post coming later this week but I really loved catching up with some of my favourite blogging babes over some cocktails and holiday chat. I left feeling super motivated and definitely ready for the summer!

9) Catching up with one of my oldest friends

After the event on Saturday I met up with one of my oldest and best friends, Emily, for a spot of dinner and some Northern Quarter bar hopping. I haven't seen her since New Year so we had loads to catch up on and we put the world to rights over many a drink. I was definitely a bit worse for wear by the time I hopped on the train home, but we had so much fun - hanging out with her always makes me feel like my best self.

10) Brunch at the Mill Kitchen

mill kitchen brunch

On Sunday Sam and I popped out for a little walk up to our new local brunch spot - The Mill Kitchen in Farsley. We indulged in baked eggs and avo on toast and a pot of fresh mint tea and chatted away - with all of the DIY and decorating it's been ages since we hung out without paint or sandpaper being involved! It was such a lovely start to Sunday and we'll definitely be back to sample the rest of the menu!