10 favourites this week (#68)

favourites Happy Monday everyone! I'm writing this post on an eye wateringly early train to London, ready for a couple of busy days of meetings and I'm feeling a little bit like I *might* need an intravenous coffee drip to get me through the day...

This week has been a super lovely one - I've felt much calmer and less stressed than I have done in weeks (maybe even months!), and the brighter weather is making me feel much more inspired! Here are my 10 favourites this week:

1) Joining the gym

I've been struggling on the exercise front this year - I've felt exceptionally bored when running and I just haven't had the motivation (or space!) to crack on with some at home yoga or pilates. So last Monday I did the thing I always swear I won't do and joined a gym! It's just up the road from our new house and is an absolute bargain price considering how ace the equipment is, plus I got two free personal training sessions which has helped me feel like less of a bumbling novice. I'm hoping to get myself into a routine of going 2 or 3 times a week to return to some sort of fitness levels!

2) CTRL, ALT, DELETE podcast

I'm a big fan of a podcast - I love that it can make a dreary commute feel a bit more exciting and I find that podcasts wake my brain up a bit better than just listening to music. I was chuffed when I learnt that one of my favourite writers, Emma Gannon, had started her very own series and I was seriously obsessed with the first episode where Emma interviews Eat Pray Love and Big Magic legend, Liz Gilbert - very inspiring! This week's episode is with Zoella, so definitely subscribe and listen if podcasts are your sort of thing.

3) The Healthy Life by Jessica Sepel

the healthy life jessica sepel

I've been looking for some fresh healthy living inspiration and ordered this book last week after seeing that Anna was raving about it in her March favourites video. I'm still working my way through it but it's such a great guide to all things healthy, including nutrition, wellbeing and exercise, and it has tonnes of yummy recipes. I tried the garlic chicken schnitzel last week and it was *almost* as good as KFC...

4) Absolutely Fabulous on Netflix

I bloody love Ab Fab so when I realised that it had been added to Netflix last week I was a very happy bunny! I've been rewatching all of them from the beginning and they are so hilarious - perfect for a bit of lighthearted relief after a long day at work. Plus the episodes are only half an hour long so you can watch a couple without feeling like you've totally wasted the whole evening.

5) Unpacking and feeling a bit more sorted

home interiors

This week we have finally reached the exciting stage where our house is starting to resemble a house rather than a highly disorganised jumble sale and it is making me so happy. It feels so nice to finally be able to sit on the sofa and not have all of our bedroom furniture in the kitchen, and I'm really enjoying putting the little finishing touches to our bedrooms - way more fun than painting them! I'm going to do some before and afters in the next few weeks, so watch this space if you'd like a nosey!

6) #indieamnesty

This week the Twittersphere exploded into nostalgic hysteria with the hashtag #indieamnesty and it gave me so many LOLs and flashbacks to my youth! I loved reading everyone's tweets about the dodgy gigs they attended, lead singers who they had fan girl-ed over and remembering just how much neon paint was associated with the whole nu-rave thing. It made me wish that I could go back to my college days just for one little weekend and drink cider and dance lots at gigs while wearing my most indie outfit.

7) Wedding dress shopping

wedding dress shopping

This weekend has been a very exciting one as I have tried on SO many lovely wedding dresses! I don't know what it is about a wedding dress but they just make you feel so lovely and pretty when you try one on - I wish you could wear them more than once. After trying on about 25-30 dresses this weekend (yes I have a very patient Mum and sister!) I think we may have found the one. It's nothing like I would have expected to choose, but I just felt so amazing in it and didn't want to take it off!

8) Girl's night in

My Mum and sister stayed over on Saturday evening and we had the dreamiest girls night in ever, complete with Turkish takeaway food, lots of Prosecco and trashy TV. Did anyone else watch BGT and bawl their eyes out at the amazing girl singing Defying Gravity?! I don't get to see them half as much as I'd like to so it's always nice to make the most of it when we do get to hang out.

9) A wander round Salts Mill

salts mill

Salts Mill is one of my favourite places ever - for anyone not from the Yorkshire region, it's basically a gigantic old mill in Saltaire that now houses an epic book shop, beautiful (but very expensive!) homewares and a David Hockney exhibition. I took Mum and Molly for a little wander round there yesterday, and with the sun streaming in it looked even more gorgeous.

10) Deliciously Ella sweet potato brownies

I've been meaning to make these since I bought the Deliciously Ella book a few months ago and yesterday I finally got round to whipping up a batch. After not having any sweets or cakes or brownies for the past couple of months these tasted like absolute HEAVEN on earth and they were pretty easy to make too. The ingredients were quite expensive, but if you're avoiding dairy/gluten/refined sugar they are a really great way to get your dessert fix.