My current health and fitness faves

FullSizeRender(16) It's been a little while since I last did a health update post so I thought today I'd share some of current health and fitness faves. I'm still plugging away on the old sugar free train and amazingly (to me!) haven't had a scrap of refined sugar since 2015. Someone get me a medal, stat!

This post is a little round up of all of the things that have made my journey to better health a bit more exciting or easier - if you have any other good recommendations please let me know in the comments below!

Green Juice

I have become weirdly obsessed with green juices. I have one pretty much everyday for brekkie and if I don't have one I really miss it - it's such an easy way to cram some goodness in and helps me get all of the nutrients I need. Also, I don't wanna jinx it, but I haven't had a single cold since I started necking my blend of green veggies every morning which is ACE. I usually whip up my own concoction in the Nutribullet, but Pret's Meaner Green juice is my go to if I'm out and about or away from home.

Nakd Cocoa Orange Fruit & Nut Bits

I am pretty bloody obsessed with these bad boys - they are just SO GOOD. They taste exactly like Terry's Chocolate Orange fudge if such a thing existed and really help me feel less left out when Sam is scoffing leftover Easter eggs or other chocolate goodness. Plus they're one of your five a day, so what's not to love?! I've tried quite a few Nakd products and these are definitely my fave so far.

nakd fruit and nut bites

Personal Training Sessions

I mentioned in Monday's weekly faves that I recently joined a local gym and I got a couple of personal training sessions for free. I've been out of the ol' fitness and exercise game for a really long time, so having someone to show me the ropes and hold me accountable has been just the motivation I needed to get back to regular workouts. I'm thinking that I might try and keep some fortnightly sessions with the PT up for a little while to keep things varied and fresh. I'd also definitely recommend booking a session with a PT if you're not quite sure how to use all of the equipment in the gym - it makes everything seem a lot less intimidating!

All things Deliciously Ella

Buying the two Deliciously Ella cookbooks is one of the best investments I have made while trying to clean up my diet. I was initially skeptical about all of the hype surrounding them and really thought I'd miss meat in some of the meals, but I can honestly say now after trying tonnes of recipes that they are truly delicious! The chickpea, quinoa and turmeric curry is now my go to favourite comfort food and the sweet potato brownies are so cake like that I almost wept with happiness. Definitely worth investing in these two if you're looking for some healthier, plant based ideas.

deliciously ella

The Healthy Life by Jessica Sepel

Again this is one that I mentioned in this week's favourites but I couldn't not include it in this little round up because I am really enjoying it. The Healthy Life includes lots of yummy recipes but the most interesting thing is all of the advice and information in the first half of the book. I've learnt lots of stuff about nutrition and gut health from reading it and I really like that Jessica isn't too patronising or bossy in her approach. A good one to pick up if you're struggling to cut through all of the opposing dietary advice that's out there.