10 favourites this week (#69)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Apologies my favourites are a bit late this week - I was so busy having a super fun Sunday that I just didn't get chance to sit down and schedule it! I'm also just gonna pre-warn you that my faves this week are very food heavy, and for that I am not sorry! Food makes me happy, okay?!?!

Anyway, let's crack on with my 10 favourites this week...

1) A chilled evening at my hotel


On Monday evening I was down in London for work and after a SUPER early start I just wanted to veg out in my PJs at the hotel. Thanks to the magic of Deliveroo, I had ramen and gyoza delivered to my room and ate it in bed while reading my book. It was such a nice chilled out start to the week and definitely set me up for a second busy day of meetings.

2) Me Before You

This book! I read it when it first came out years and years ago, and when I saw that there was a sequel out I decided to give it a little re-read. I'd kind of forgotten most of the storyline and I foundĀ  myself getting totally lost in the unfolding of Will and Lou's relationship all over again. I read pretty much the last two thirds of it on Wednesday evening - it was the first time in ages I have been so immersed in a book. And yes, I sobbed.

3) Beconase

I know this is a weird thing to have on my favourites list but it has been such a life saver this week and has definitely been helping me stay happy! Hayfever season is definitely in full swing and I woke up on Wednesday to streaming eyes and a stuffy nose - my Mum recommend the Beconase nasal spray and it has made SUCH a difference. I've never really found that anti-histamines help all that much so I am SO happy to have found something that works!

4) Rock n Roll Bride magazine


Since getting engaged, Rock n Roll Bride has been one of my favourite wedding blogs - it's a bit edgier and the photography is just to die for. So when I saw that they had a magazine on sale in WHSmiths I had to pick it up - I find a lot of the wedding magazines a bit cheesy, but that is definitely not the case with this one. The images are so beautiful and the interviews and stories that accompany them are equally lovely. Definitely one to pick up if you're getting married soon!

5) Booking our wedding photographer

Our wedding planning has seriously ramped up in the last few weeks and we're getting some big things ticked off the list (I'm planning to do some more wedding update posts soon!). The thing we are most excited about though is that we have booked the lovely Jenna Woodward as our photographer - I love that her images are more natural and laidback and I am so excited for her to capture our day. It's all starting to feel real now!

6) My new Cath Kidston backpack

This is going to sound like the most old person thing ever, but recently I've been getting horrible back pain - turns out carrying a laptop and a notebook and a hardback book in a flimsy tote bag will do that! So in order to stop me from hobbling around everywhere clutching my back in a similar fashion to my Nan, I knew I needed to invest in a decent backpack and I just fell in love with this floral one from Cath Kidston - pretty AND functional! What's not to love?

7) Date night @ Pintura


It's been ages since Sam and I last had a proper date night - all of our spare time recently has been spent either at B&Q or doing DIY! So now we'reĀ  getting a bit more sorted with our house we decided to go out for a nice dinner on Friday and chose Pintura as our venue. The food was just incredible (as always) and the gin was pretty great too - and even better was the fact that it was Sam's treat! It was a pretty perfect start to the weekend.

8) An epic John Lewis haul

We were super lucky to receive John Lewis vouchers from some of our friends and family as Christmas and housewarming gifts, and on Saturday we finally got round to spending them! We drove out to the gigantic store in York and bought so many lovely new things for our house - we seriously got all sorts! It was so nice to be able to buy the versions of things we really wanted rather than having to scrimp and opt for the budget option, so thank you friends and family!

9) Malton Cookery School


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Malton Cookery School for an event with Inn Travel, where we got to learn how to make 5 different European dishes with a Yorkshire twist. I've got a full post coming on this later in the week but we seriously had THE BEST day. Malton was beautiful, I learnt so much at the cookery school and I got to hang out with some pretty awesome bloggers - it was ace. I feel so fortunate that I get to have some of these fab experiences because of this little blog and it makes me so glad that I started writing it nearly 18 months ago.

10) Damien Jurado @ The Brudenell Social Club

Last night we headed over to The Brudenell Social Club to catch one of Sam's favourite musicians, Damien Jurado. Sam's parents and brother came with us and we got to catch up with some friends we hadn't seen in a while too, all while watching some great bands do their thing. It was such a lovely chilled out end to the weekend, and was totally worth feeling a bit sleepy for today!