19 things that happen when the sun comes out in England

sun in england 1) People will feel the need to bare an inappropriate amount of flesh. Like calm down and put your top back on, it's only 16 degrees.

2) It is nigh on impossible to find a table in a beer garden. Unless your happy to sit on the one in the shade, where you will still need your hat, scarf and gloves.

3) Strangers on the bus will smile at you and say "lovely weather, isn't it?". Nothing helps us British folk bond like a spot of good weather.

4) Despite your iPhone weather app showing full sunshine for the rest of the day you'll still pack a brolley, just in case.

5) Sales of fruity cider will go up by about 37984357%.

6) Productivity levels at work rapidly decline while you discuss your post-work drinks in the sun plan with your colleagues.

7) Everyone will marvel at how it's just so much easier to salads in the summer. As a result your local ASDA will run out of ALL salad.

8) The tabloids will all run stories about how Manchester is hotter than Ibiza. Yeah, for like one day, maybe...

9) Someone will wear something hideously inappropriate to the office. Even if it's 100 degrees, you still can't wear denim hotpants to the office, okay?!

10) You'll spot at least one person on the commute home who's looking a little bit pink from their lunchtime sunbathe.

11) BBQs suddenly become the compulsory dinner option - even if it is still slightly too cold to sit in the garden while you eat it.

12) The queue for the ice cream van will be at least 20 people deep, but you'll still wait in line for your overpriced Calippo.

13) Even your super grumpy boss will be in a pleasant mood. It's impossible not to feel cheerful on the rare sunny days in England.

14) Everyone will be busy making sunshine-y plans for the weekend, when knowing our luck, it will probably be snowing again.

15) P.E. teachers start getting all smug about the fact that they get to spend all day outside.

16) Boots will run out of blister plasters as everyone starts to wear in their new summer sandals. Why so painful?!

17) People will drive around with their windows wound down, singing along to the radio and almost definitely pretending they're in a music video.

18) Everyone will descend on their local beach, making it totally impossible to find a parking space within a 4 mile radius of said beach.

19) It suddenly becomes totally acceptable to drink Aperol spritzes by the bucket load on a Wednesday evening.

Why are us Brits so predictable?