Feeling Grateful

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For my family and their unconditional love, humour and support.

For Sam, who tells me I can do anything and makes me truly believe it.

For our home, which is still far from perfect, but is perfectly ours.

For my job, that gives me comfort and security and challenge and a sense of pride.

For this blog, which stretches me and excites me and gets my creative spirits flowing.

For my friends, who make me howl with laughter and remind me who I am.

For spring and the feeling of hope and optimism and inspiration that comes with it.

For my health, which I will never ever take for granted again.

For those sunny days, when it feels like anything could be possible.

For holidays and travel and the fresh perspectives that it brings.

For delicious dinners and really good red wine shared with great friends.

For books that I can get totally lost in and those that I find myself in.

For outfits that make me feel like the very best version of myself.

For fresh flowers on my dining room table and fresh coffee in the pot.

For all of you, who read this blog, and give me the motivation to keep writing.