10 favourites this week (#72)

IMG_4521 First things first, how nice is this weather?! Like, is this even England or have I woken up in Spain??? Isn't it amazing how a bit of warmth can make such a huge difference to your mood? I feel like Mondays are far more manageable when the sun is streaming in.

My good mood is probably also helped by having a pretty great week. Oh you guys, this week has just been SO LOVELY. It's been a perfect mixture of all of my favourite things, and it has left me with a happy heart and tonnes of inspiration.

1) Bank holiday Monday

Isn't a bank holiday Monday just the perfect way to start the week? I was at my Mum and Dad's and had such a lovely chilled start to the week - we took Grandad to the shops, drank red wine in the sunshine in their garden and Mum even made a roast dinner. If it was up to me, all Mondays would include my Mum's chicken roast dinner!

2) Learning to crochet with my Nan


I also popped over to see my Nan on Monday, I haven't seen her in a couple of months so it was lovely to have a catch up. I was telling her about the ace blanket that my auntie crocheted for me and she offered to teach me how to crochet so that I can make some for myself. I've been trying to teach myself using YouTube for a while but I've never quite got the knack of it before, but half an hour with my Nan and I'd cracked it! I was so chuffed and have been practicing all week. I'm hoping she can teach me a new stitch every time I visit...

3) My first iced latte of the year


I am so so happy that it is iced latte season again! I picked this one up from the Starbucks drive thru on the way to work on Tuesday morning - the sun was shining and it was the perfect little pick me up to start the day with. I'm sure this will be the first of many this year if the weather stays like this - fingers crossed!

4) Dinner with the girls and puppy cuddles


After work on Tuesday I headed to my friend Yen's house for dinner with some other friends. Yen made us delicious kebabs and chips (she is the most amazing cook!) and we had a lovely evening catching up. The icing on the cake though was definitely having cuddles with Yen's amazing puppy Milo - isn't he just the cutest?!

5) Thai pork and peanut curry

This is my new favourite midweek tea! We used this recipe and it was super easy to make - I whipped it up in about 20 minutes after the gym - but it tasted SO SO good. We served ours with rice noodles and topped it with loads of fresh chili and coriander - such a good meal (and the leftovers the next day were even better!)

6) New Primark shoes


How gorgeous are these Primark shoes?! I picked them up on my lunch hour last week for a mere £10 and they're my new faves. The stamped out detail at the front and the fold finishes on the laces makes them look a bit classier than some of the other ones I've seen and I wore them all weekend in Milan without so much as a blister. I love them!

7) A glass of wine on the canal


After our tea on Wednesday, Sam and I went for a little walk on the canal and stopped for a glass of wine at one of the pubs. The sun was setting, the canal was so still and peaceful and it was just one of those lovely, calm, happy moments. I love living so close to the canal when the weather is like this - we are very lucky.

8) Using my vote


On Thursday I went to use my vote and loved it! I was always brought up to understand how important it is to use your vote, and I've never missed a vote since I turned 18 - we are so lucky to live in a democratic nation where we get to have our say. This year was extra special though as our polling station was in the pub on a super sunny day - what a genius idea!

9) Duty free treats


I treated myself to some new little make up bits in the airport on Friday which is always lovely isn't it? I picked up a new Benefit Roller Lash mascara (which is THE BEST mascara I have ever used!) and a new Chanel foundation. The foundation was recommended to me by my lovely friend Sarah and it's gorgeous - so natural and light, but still great coverage, and it lasted so well in the sunshine this weekend.

10) An amazing weekend in Milan


By far the best bit of this week was our amazing trip to Milan this weekend. I'll be writing about it in more detail later this week, but we honestly had such a great time. The sun was shining, we ate super gorgeous food and we drank many an Aperol spritz - what more can you ask for from a weekend away? It was so chilled and lovely - just what we both needed. I can't wait to share more with you all about this ace city.