What I Wore: The Midi Dress

primark midi dress Oh hey there - it's been a bit of a while since I've done a fashion post hasn't it?!

Finding people to take outfit photos is always a bit tricky, but while we were in Milan this weekend I roped Sam into taking some for me, and turns out he was actually pretty good at it! I really want to do more outfit posts on here, so let's hope I can keep bribing him with doughnuts/beer/anything edible...

primark midi dress

primark midi

We took these photos in the park in Milan on Saturday afternoon - the sun was shining and I had a belly full of coffee and delicious brekkie, which is probably why I look so content... (Food is definitely the way to my heart and happiness!)

I always find city break outfits hard to put together - it can be difficult to find things that look remotely stylish without being too impractical for a day of wandering and queuing - but I really loved styling up this midi dress and felt totally comfortable all day.


It's only now that I'm coming to write this post that I realise that everything I'm wearing in these photos is from Primark... whoops! What can I say, girl can't resist a bargain. I bought the dress last summer, but everything else has been purchased within the last month or so, including the sunnies and belt.


I love how flattering the midi length of this dress is, and paired with the lace up flats I felt super chic for a day of exploring a new city. The denim jacket is definitely going to be a staple for me this summer - I have had my eye out for one that colour for a while, and was chuffed when I found one for less than £20.

What do you all think? Would you be keen to see some more fashion-y posts?