Friendships In Your Twenties

11807185_10155969376400354_1528259550504069975_o I'm writing this post on the way  home from London after having dinner and a well overdue catch up with one of my best friends. I feel so much happier and more uplifted for having seen her, and it got me thinking about how important friendships are in your twenties.

I've got a solid 6 years of experience of being in my twenties and so far it's been confusing, exciting, stressful, amazing, life changing, exhausting, emotional, heart warming, anxiety inducing, magical and bloody overwhelming. And that's just the start of it.

I have a wonderful family and a pretty amazing boyfriend (I can't bring myself to say fiance, it kind of makes me want to do a sick down myself whenever I say it, sorry), but I honestly don't know whether I'd still have my sanity intact if it wasn't for my friends.


They're the ones who pull me back down to earth whenever I'm feeling a bit hysterical, the ones who always know the right thing to say, even if we can only say it over Whatsapp conversations instead of face to face sometimes. They get how confusing is to be a 20-something, we're all on this weird old hormonal rollercoaster together.

When I'm feeling at my most granny-esque, worrying about mortgage fees and savings plans, the friends I've known since I was 16, 17, 18 remind me that I have some pretty hilarious anectodes in my arsenal that prove that I still have a fun streak. When I'm freaking out about what to do with my life and whether I'm doing the right thing, my friends remind me that 18 year old Sophie would have thought that 26 year old Sophie was totally nailing it right now. Sometimes that's all the reassurance you need.


My friends are the people who know exactly how I feel, because they often feel exactly the same way. They have the same struggles and doubts and ambitions and excitement. They're the ones who I can speak my mind to unreservedly and know that they'll never ever judge me, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I'm so lucky to have a bunch of girls that make me feel like I'm still 18 whenever I hang out with them. They make me feel giddy and excited about life and like the very best version of myself and I know I am incredibly privileged to have them all. I feel even luckier that I'll get to have them all as my bridesmaids next year.

I know they'll be by my side for all the big stuff in my life, but also all of the small, but still pretty scary sometimes, everyday stuff. I've got a feeling that as I get older I'll need them all even more, but I just know that we'll be the 80 year olds causing a ruckus and putting all the youngsters to shame with our cackling and embarrassing dancing.