10 favourites this week (#73)

IMG_4643 Happy Monday folks! Is it just me, or are these Mondays whipping round faster and faster? I've got a rubbish cold at the moment that has been hanging round since Friday - it's my first one this year, so I'm feeling extra sorry for myself!

I had a super busy week last week, so I'm happy that this one is looking a little bit calmer. That said, last week was a bloody fun one! Here are my favourites...

1) Sunny canal run


The weather was still super lovely in Leeds last Monday and the blue skies got the week off to such a good start. I headed out for a run along the canal after work and there were so many people out and about enjoying the nice weather - it was such a lovely atmosphere. Plus it was my most successful attempt at a run in a long time which made me feel very happy.

2) Nandos and catch ups

I was in London for work on Tuesday which mean that I got to hang out with one of my best friends before getting the train home. We ate loads of delicious chicken at Nandos and caught up on everything that has been going on - I don't get to see her very often but we have lots of plans in the next couple of months and I can't wait to hang out more regularly.

3) Shooting outfit photos

I met up with the lovely Matt on Thursday to shoot some outfit photos - I had seen the work he's been doing with a couple of other Leeds bloggers, and heard that he was a total dream to work with so I was really looking forward to it, and I wasn't disappointed. We had a little wander around the city taking some photos, and I was really pleased with the outcome. I really want to ramp up the fashion content on this blog as it's an area that is a little lacking, so I'm looking forward to working with him more in the near future.

4) Father John Misty gig


I bought Sam the tickets for this gig for Christmas and I can't believe how quickly it came round! We love this band a lot and had wanted to see them for quite a while, so we had such a good time on Wednesday singing along to some of our favourite songs. I feel like I've been a bit rubbish at going to gigs this year, and this one definitely reminded me why I need to do it more.

5) Curry and beers with the gang

Thursday marked the start of the epic Leeds Indie Food, which is a celebration of independent food and drink in our ace city. To celebrate, we headed to the curry and beer event that they had on at Bangwok with some of our friends, before drinking Aperol spritzes and putting the world to rights at Friends of Ham. I love Leeds for so many reasons, but events like LIF make me so proud to live here.

6) Booking a spontaneous trip to Disneyland

Whilst out and about on Thursday evening, my friends and I got talking about how it would be so fun to take a trip to Disneyland in the summer. A bit of Whatsapping and researching later, and we had the Eurostar booked before lunch time on Friday! It was such a spontaneous booking and I'm so excited to make some big kid memories with some of my favourite ladies in July. Now where did I put my Minnie ears...

7) Cuddles with Hudson

On Friday evening my throat was so sore that I had to cancel my plans with my lovely friend Fi and I was feeling pretty rotten about it. I headed home to get looked after by my lovely Mum who was also babysitting my little cousin - he must have sensed that I was feeling blue because he gave me so many lovely cuddles and smiles that cheered me right up. Little people are THE BEST.

8) Cocktails at Cloud 23


For Mother's Day, my sister and I planned an epic girly day out for my Mum in Manchester, including dinner, drinks and a trip to the theatre and it finally rolled around this weekend. We had such a lovely day but one of the highlights was drinking cocktails overlooking the city from Cloud 23 - it's definitely not a cheap affair, but it made for a very nice treat.

9) Mamma Mia

Saturday evening was spent watching Mamma Mia at the Palace Theatre and it was SO good! We were all singing along and dancing to all of the Abba songs - there are so many ace ones - and it definitely had me dreaming about a holiday to Greece. I really love going to the theatre, it's another thing I don't do often enough, and we are already planning more trips for this year.

10) An epic roast dinner


Yesterday was lovely Kate's 30th birthday and we headed out for an epic roast dinner at Kirkstall Brige to celebrate. The food was amazing and it was so nice to see Kate and Tom and catch up - I always feel really comforted that we have them so close by to us in Leeds, they're the only family we have up here and I love spending time with them, especially for birthday celebrations!