Finding my online tribe


There are many, many things that I love about blogging. It gives me an outlet for my creativity, pushes me to learn new things and has helped my confidence grow leaps and bounds. But by far the thing I love most about this little blog is that it helped me find my online tribe. What do I mean by online tribe? I mean the amazing people that I now get to interact with everyday. The people who drop me a cheer up message when they've noticed I've been having a bad day, or leave me a comment to let me know that they like something I've created. The people who send me support and praise and help whenever I need it the most.

I mean the people who inspire me daily with all the badass stuff that they're achieving. Blogging has opened my eyes to how many hardworking women (and men!) are hustling their way to success from their own bedroom or their local Starbucks. They're building their lives on their own terms and having a bloody good time doing it, and they inspire me to believe that I might be able to achieve the same thing.

My online tribe are the people I've met through The Internet who remind me and encourage me to be the most authentic me - no judgment involved. I read so many posts and tweets lamenting how the blogging community isn't what it once was and how it's all bitchiness and backstabbing these days, but I can honestly say I have experienced NONE of that.

I've only experienced amazing women trying to build each other up, sharing opportunities with each other, building networks and communities that help us all. I feel like whenever I have a dilemma or challenge or niggle, I have a whole army of people to bounce ideas off and talk things through with, and that is the single best thing that starting this blog has brought me.

I'm so so lucky to have met some of my online tribe IRL, and some of them I hope to meet in the near future. And because of logistical reasons, some will probably stay internet friends (just writing internet friends makes me feel like I'm in a weird 90s chatroom - LOL, remember chatrooms?), who I chat to regularly and share ideas with and seek travel tips from, and that's still great.

It amazes me to think that if I had never started this blog back in December 2014 then I would never have met all of these amazing people. I'm so lucky to have found new friends here in Leeds and many more dotted all over the globe and I will always be grateful to this little space for that.

And THANK YOU, my wonderful online tribe, for taking me under your wing, making me feel like one of the team and inspiring me every damn day. YOU DA BEST.