10 favourites this week (#74)

IMG_4809 Good morning! Happy Monday and all that. After waking up last Monday with the lousiest cold ever, I am quite glad to be starting this week snot free.

I spent a lot of last week feeling poorly and sorry for myself, but there were definitely some highlights too. Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) A little Lush haul

lush haul

I felt so run down last week - I had a snotty nose, sore throat and THREE coldsores - and I was definitely craving a bit of a pamper, so I decided to head to Lush at lunchtime and treat myself to some new bath bombs and a face mask. I so enjoyed picking some bits out, and enjoyed using them even more!

2) Some well deserved down time

The only good thing about being ill is that it gives you a guilt free pass to some proper chill out time! I cancelled all of my midweek plans last week and spent every evening tucked up in bed with my book or Netflix and it was just what I needed.

3) Exploring the world of YouTube


You may or may not have seen that on Thursday last week I uploaded my very first YouTube video! It was a travel vlog from our weekend in Milan and I was super nervous about sharing it, but you guys were all super lovely about it. It would mean the world to be if you could subscribe to my channel - I've already got some ideas for my next video...

4) Treats from Sam

Sam has been so ace at looking after me this week and even brought me a little care package home the other day, complete with my favourite magazines, grapes, Innocent smoothies and pie and mash. If you know me then you know that they are all the best ways to my heart. Good job I'm marrying him, hey?!

5) The most beautiful ASOS shoes

asos shoes

How PERFECT are these shoes?! Pointy flats, CHECK, rose gold, CHECK, love hearts, CHECK. They were a mere £15.00 in the ASOS sale and I just know that they are going to be my summer flats of choice. I think they will look SO pretty with just about everything.

6) Scandal

I've been meaning to start watching Scandal for ages - I've only ever heard rave reviews about it and it sounds like the sort of TV series that I love. I started watching it last night and I am already totally hooked - I can see myself binge watching my way through all five seasons this summer. Olivia Pope is THE BOSS.

7) "How to be a feminist" at Bradford Literature Festival


On Friday night I headed into Bradford with two of my best gal pals for the opening night of Bradford Literature Festival. We attended a panel/talk titled "How to be a feminist" hosted by some very interesting panelists and it was SO inspiring. I plan on doing a full post on it later this week but it was such a great start to the weekend.

8) Watching Sam play at The Hepworth


Sam played a gig on Saturday night at The Hepworth in Wakefield and it was such a fun night. The whole event was to celebrate The Hepworth's 5th birthday and there was live music, delicious street food and a brilliant atmosphere. Sam was great as ever - I love watching him play and always feel super proud.

9) A very chilled Sunday morning


We have been so busy over the last few months and haven't had a weekend at home for ages, so I was so looking forward to a lie in on Sunday. We slept quite late and I stayed in bed for a good hour or so devouring my book and drinking hot tea - it was seriously blissful! I wish I could start every Sunday that way.

10) Sam's epic fish tacos

Last night Sam treated me to my favourite dinner ever - his homemade fish tacos! He makes an amazing beer batter and complete with homemade pico de gallo and Sriracha mayo, they are the best best thing ever. Such a great week to end the week!