Being By The Sea

penmon point lighthouse

(Photo by Sam Airey)

Is there anything more wonderful than being by the sea? Right now, in this very moment, I'd tell you absolutely not.

I'm writing this sat on a very comfy sofa by a big old window that looks right out over the sea. And just behind that sea are the beautiful mountains that make up Snowdonia, with the sun shining right over them. We've just come in from the garden, where we were drinking Aperol spritzes and chatting excitedly about life and family and wedding plans.

My lungs are full of fresh sea air after a boat trip this afternoon and golden hour is just arriving on the beautiful island of Anglesey. The forecast for tomorrow looks glorious, and we have nothing planned other than pottering along the beach and enjoying some sunshine (after a well deserved lie in, of course).

This, right now, is my happy place. I feel like a super shiny, extra sparkly, wonderfully inspired version of my usual self.

There's something about being by the sea, about hearing the waves rolling in to the beach, and watching the seagulls swoop down in front of us, that makes me feel so calm and content. It reminds me that life isn't really about "dream jobs" or Pinterest perfect houses or fancy designer handbags, but about much more important things. Like spending quality time with family and exploring as much of the world as we can and stopping to admire the really beautiful views.

It reminds me that sometimes there is nothing more perfect in life than getting some fresh air and enjoying a great book and cracking open a beer. That the happiest times aren't when we are feeling busy and important and determined, but when we are happy and relaxed and sunkissed.

I think if doctors could prescribe a weekend by the sea every now and again, we would all be happier and healthier. I feel so lucky that we get to have regular visits to this beautiful place (especially seeing as we live in one of the most landlocked parts of the country!). What could be better than waking up to the sound of the waves and the birds and the sheep bleeting in the next field?

This post is a reminder to myself to visit as much as I possibly can. As much as I enjoy city life, I think that I'll always be the happiest by the sea.