Wedding Talk (#3)

wedding talk It's been a while since I penned one of these wedding talk updates, isn't it? With redecorating our new house and squeezing in a couple of trips, we've been a bit slow on the wedding planning front, but with just over a year to go, it's definitely time to start cracking on!

That being said, we have made some progress. We took a trip to Anglesey at the weekend and got to visit our venue again which was very exciting - it was all set up for another wedding and it looked so beautiful. The sun was shining and the garden was in full bloom - quite different from when we saw it back in January! It confirmed that we have made a very good venue choice (if I do say so myself!) - I keep picturing it filled with all of our favourite people and getting far too excited!

After lots of discussion and research, we have also got a much clearer picture of how we want our day to run, which makes it easier to confirm exactly what we want with suppliers. We've always said that we don't a big formal structured day and that definitely still rings true - although it's harder than I thought it would be to break with some of the well established wedding traditions! We have to just keep reminding ourselves that it's our day and we want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed.

One big thing we've ticked off the wedmin list is booking a photographer - I am so excited that we have secured the AMAZING Jenna Woodward to work her magic! She was recommended to us by Amy and after checking out more of her work on her website we both knew that we wanted here to capture our day. I love her relaxed, natural style - it's exactly what we wanted, and we know her and Ewan will do an amazing job.

I'm also getting closer on finding THE dress - I've found one that I absolutely adore and felt a million dollars in and everytime I imagine the wedding, I'm wearing that dress. My Mum and sister  both loved it too, but suggested that maybe I should try some more on by the same designer just to be sure, which is a pretty good idea in my opinion. I'm hoping to get an appointment at her boutique soon so that we can get it ordered - I think I'll feel pretty relieved once the dress is sorted.

I'm hoping that in the next few weeks we'll have the remaining big things sorted - we're very close to booking our marquee and confirming caterers, and then it's time for the fun stuff, like pretty decorations and fairy lights and flowers. My cousin is going to be our florist which is amazing as I don't know anyone who is more creative than she is, so planning all of the decor with her will be so so fun. I'm absolutely LOVING Pinterest at the moment and have got tonnes of boards set up for inspiration - let me know if there is anyone I should be following!

And definitely let me know of any other good sources of wedspiration! We're on the hunt for all things quirky and cute, so definitely let me know of any blogs or magazines I should be reading...