The little things that make me happy


This year has been quite the year for us in terms of the big things. We bought a house and started wedding planning. Sam started a new job and I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I'd like my next career steps to be. I've spent a lot of time getting to grips with my health issues and overhauling my lifestyle. We've made budgets and savings plans and spent a lot of time talking about the future. I feel like while we've been working on and planning all of these amazing big things, I've been forgetting to remember and appreciate all of the little things that make me happy. Because actually, while buying a house and getting married is pretty bloody exciting, it's all of the little things that make for a happy life, isn't it?

So here we have it, a list of all the little things that make me happy, in an effort to remind me to appreciate them more often.

Fresh flowers. Getting totally and utterly lost in a good book. Sitting in the sunshine, if only for five minutes. Fresh bedding that has been dried on the line. Texts from friends I haven't seen in a while. Hugs and kisses with my favourite little people. Really good hair days. Hearing a song that brings back crazy good memories. Listening to podcasts on my commute to work. The first page of a brand new notebook. Painting my nails a bright colour. Binge watching an addictive TV show. The first cup of tea of the day. Flicking through my favourite magazines. Buying new books. Listening to Sam play guitar in the next room. Cuddles with the family pooch. An epic Primark haul. Friday night wine. Lazy Sundays spent with Sam. My Mum's roast dinners. Looking through old photos. Hibernating under tonnes of blankets. A long, hot Lush bath. Really good runs that make me feel invincible. Having a kick-ass day at work. Spontaneous date nights. Walks along the canal. An unexpectedly beautiful sunset. Feeling full of blog ideas.

What makes you happy?