The Start of Summer


Last weekend in Anglesey felt like the start of summer. The sun was blazing, the beaches were brimming with tourists and the pub gardens were packed to the rafters. We drank Aperol spritzes in the garden and paddled in the sea and caught so much sun that my nose resembled Rudolph's. It made me feel happy and giddy and optimistic in the way that only the start of summer can. There's something about these magical weeks that makes me fizz with excitement, the promise of long days and warm air and sunny holidays lying ahead of us. This post is an ode to the start of summer, a celebration of all of the things I am looking forward to.

I'm excited about filling the long light evenings with dinners with friends and laughter in pub gardens. My pale face is ready to be coloured with freckles and sunkissed skin. I want to drink Pimms in my parents' garden and eat food that has been BBQ'd to within an inch of it's life. I'm ready to check the iPhone weather app daily in the hope that there's a casual heatwave on it's way.

I can't wait to be able to leave the house with full confidence that I won't need my umbrella (although I do live in Leeds, so this might be hopeful...) I'm ready to dance in fields at festivals and drink fruity cider and camp in a tent that we didn't quite put up right. I want to take spontaneous road trips to the seaside and long evening walks along the canal.

I'm excited to pack my suitcase full of bikinis and kaftans and spend a week by the pool with my wonderful family. I can't wait to fully embrace bare leg season and not have to worry about whether my pins are looking too pasty. I'm looking forward to hopping on a train on Friday nights and spending my weekend adventuring somewhere new.

There's something about the promise of summer that no other time of year can match. It's hopefuly and exciting and puts everyone in a rather fantastic mood. I'm planning on holding on to this feeling for as long as I can.