Making a house a home


I can't quite believe it's been over three months since we picked up the keys to our house - time flies when you're having fun, right?! Those three months have zoomed by in a blur of plaster dust and wallpaper stripping and painting, but now it feels like everything is starting to come together. In the past couple of weeks our little house has really started to feel like home. I thought that it would be the fresh paint and nice sheets and pretty cushions that would make it feel like our place, but really, it was a combination of lots of other little things.

It's finally finding a right place for all of the things we had packed into boxes and filled the basement with. It's discovering shortcuts to the bus stop and the local shop and the pub. It's having our friends and families to stay and feeling dizzy with pride as we showed them round.

It's hanging out in our attic room together, Sam playing guitar and me writing a blog post, and feeling more content than I have done in months. It's giving people my address and knowing that this is where I'll still be living years from now. It's saying hi to the neighbours every morning and the friendly smiles from the gentleman who walks his dog past our house everyday.

It's knowing which room will get the sun at certain points through the day. It's feeling a bizarre amount of joy at buying little mundane things like doormats and lampshades. It's having fresh flowers on the fireplace and smiling every time I see them.

It's clearing out the garden and making it look pretty for all of the summer BBQs and gatherings we have planned. It's not being freaked out by the sound the heating makes or the creaky floorboards. It's the feeling of contentment when I get home after a weekend away.

Making a house a home isn't about buying fancy furniture or new carpets or making everything look Pinterest perfect. It's about all of the other things that make it feel like the happiest place you could want to be.