A change is as good as a rest


Happy Thursday people! We are sooooo close to the weekend... You can DO THIS. You really can. I promise. Notice anything different around here? I've been feeling like my blog layout has been a little bit stale for a while and I've been toying with the idea of changing it. It's easy to feel a bit disheartened when everyone else in the blogosphere is massively upping their game, and while I'm not trying to compete with anyone (or even feel like I am in the same league to do any competing!) I do think having a change every now and then can spark some inspiration - so here we are!

There's nothing majorly different - the look and feel is still very much the same, but I have some new snazzy features, and I'm going to be working on the categorisation over the next week or so to make it easier for you to find some of my older posts. This theme is a little bit more flexible than my old one, so hopefully I can really go to town on personalising it and being a bit more creative.

Changing things up has also got me thinking about what content I share here and how I can make it better and more suited to what you guys want to read. I've been using Google Analytics to try and decipher what's been working but I'd love love love it if you could leave me a comment with anything you'd particularly like to see more of. My writing style is very scattergun and I don't really have a niche, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it makes it hard to know where to put my focus. I really want to make sure I'm working on the stuff that you lovely people who read this blog will enjoy (I still can't believe people read this aside from my Mum!)

So yeah - let me know what you think! I've got some ideas a-brewing and some new things coming (including a very exciting interview series that I'm currently putting the feelers out for) and I just want to keep improving and bettering this little ol' Internet home of mine. Starting this blog has been such a great creative outlet, and I want to make sure I keep pushing and stretching myself.

Huge thanks in advance for any feedback you lovely people you!