10 favourites this week (#78)


Can we just acknowledge that I've now written 78 of these things?! I'm the worst person for sticking to anything, so the fact that I have sat down and written about all my favourite things in my life 78 times in a row is pretty mindblowing for me. But writing these little posts every week makes me feel happy and cheery and ready for a good week, and so I'm pretty sure I'll keep going for another 78 weeks. The past 7 days have been lovely as ever - even if the weather has been acting more like February then June! Here are my 10 favourites this week.

1) A good week at work

This week I have been so busy at work but I've been busy with all of my favourite things! I've had some super productive meetings and am starting to see some really positive results come through from some projects I have been working on recently - work feels so much more enjoyable when you can see that you're making a difference, doesn't it?!

2) A lovely start to the morning

juice coffee

On Tuesday Sam woke me up with this lovely little tray of coffee and juice - it was such a nice surprise and so unexpected as it wasn't a special day, but it made my Tuesday feel much more special! It was a much nicer start to the day than my usual hurried running late routine and put me in a good mood all day.

3) Team lunch

It's been ages since we last headed out for lunch as a team, but on Thursday we walked up to Sukothai and devoured lots of tasty Thai food and caught up on our lives outside of work. The food was ace and it was a lovely hour or so (even if I did feel ridiculously full and sleepy all afternoon!)

4) Hanging out with the girls


I went over to my friends on Thursday evening for a good catch up with the girls. Yen put on an epic spread for all of us to enjoy (she is the hostess with the mostess!) and we got to have loads of cuddles with her little puppy, Milo, too - how cute is he?! Is it possible to be broody for a puppy?! Because I think I am.

5) Catching up with my bestie


On Friday night after work I headed to my friend Emily's - she's one of my oldest and bestest friends and we haven't caught up properly for ages so I was really looking forward to it! It was the first time I'd seen her new house (it's so gorgeous! SO much interior inspo...) and she cooked up a storm for us. We probably drank a *little* bit too much Prosecco, but thats essential for a girls night in isn't it?!

6) Buying a wedding dress!


Definitely THE most exciting thing that happened this week - I finally chose and put a deposit down on my wedding dress!!! My Mum, sister and I headed to the shop on Saturday morning and it was such a lovely experience - I'm going to write about it in more detail later in the week but it definitely felt like a very celebratory moment.

7) Wilmslow Artisan Market

wilmslow artisan market

After wedding dress shopping we headed down to the Wilmslow Artisan Market which was on in the town and it was ace! It was filled with pretty stalls and gorgeous products and it was such a nice place to spend an hour wandering around. We bought lots of goodies to devour too, including arancini and brownies - bliss!

8) A super chilled Saturday afternoon

After all of the excitement of a morning spent wedding dress shopping, Saturday afternoon was super chilled in comparison. I lay on my Mum and Dad's sofa doing some wedding planning and watching loads of episodes of Scandal - it was pretty perfect.

9) Sunday walks with Sam and Ted

bedlington terrier

How gorgeous are these two?! I loved going out for a little walk in the fields with them yesterday - it only built on my puppy broodiness! Ted is the cutest and it was so lovely to get some fresh air and enjoy the afternoon with them both.

10) Mum's roast dinners

roast chicken dinner

My Mum's roast dinners are no stranger to my favourites lists - they always make the cut and this week was no different. They are just the best - perfect roasties, tasty roast chicken, my favourite veggies, AMAZING gravy - and are definitely the best thing about being at home on a Sunday!