My Travel Bucket List: UK


It will come as no surprise to any regular readers that I love to travel and I pretty much always have a holiday planned. Over the past couple of years I've been trying to tick as many destinations as possible, but my travel bucket list is still fully loaded! Today I thought I'd share with you the destinations that I'm desperate to visit in the UK - I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually haven't explored our little island all that much and I'm determined to fix that this year. Let me know if you have any tips for any of these locations...

1) Brighton

Brighton is top of my UK travel bucket list and I am dying to visit! I love a good trip to the British seaside and Brighton just looks so super cool - the pastel deckchairs, the hispter restaurants, the design shops... I need to visit this place soon. Preferrably when the sun is shining and the atmosphere is buzzing.

2) The Cotswolds

I've wanted to visit the Cotswolds for ages - I know I would adore admiring all of the little chocolate box cottages and sinking pints in the rustic country pubs. It's exactly the sort of place I picture whenever I think about booking a UK staycation - hopefully we can visit soon. Let me know if you know of any good accommodation in the area...

3) Bristol

Bristol just seems like such a super cool place doesn't it?! I've read a lot of blog travel guides for the city and it just seems to be brimming with quirky cafes and pretty shops and I am obsessed with all of the colourful houses! Plus there's a pretty good chance of spotting a Banksy there too.

4) The Outer Hebrides

I never had any desire to visit the Outer Hebrides until I started reading Katie's blog - she grew up there and does a pretty good job of showing off its many selling points. The beaches look out of this world and I'm sure Sam would appreciate the great whiskey too.

5) Oxford and Cambridge

Last but not least are the two famous university cities. I've never visited either but I'd love to explore all of the spots that have become iconic over the years and admire all of the beautiful architecture. I wouldn't mind trying my hand at a spot of punting either - complete with champagne and strawberries of course!

Keep your eyes peeled for my Europe and Rest of the World travel bucket lists coming soon...