What I Wore: The Perfect Summer Blouse


Can you lot believe it's going to be July next week?! I feel like June has only just arrived. And despite having a few nice days here and there it doesn't really feel like summer has got started yet, does it? I'm finding it hard to dress for the weather at the moment. I can never tell whether it's going to be gloriously sunny or teeming with rain. And even when the sun hasn't been shining it's still been ridiculously muggy and far too warm to wear anything heavy.

I've been finding myself reaching for loose, cooler pieces, which is why I am currently obsessed with this perfect summer blouse.

sophie cliff fashion blogIt's from a brand called Weekday which I've never come across before - they produce loads of gorgeous Scandi inspired pieces. The fabric is light and loose enough to keep me cool during a busy day of meetings, and I love love love the rope tie sleeves. This blouse basically makes me feel like a slightly less chic version of Sienna Miller, which is always a good thing right!?

sophie cliff fashion blog20160622_2974The jeans are my ol' Primark faves. I love the slightly washed out black denim and I'm led to believe that the frayed edges are very on trend. Paired with these very comfy H&M sliders they are perfect for summer!

20160622_3073Blouse - Weekday | Jeans - Primark | Sandals - H&M | Bag - Primark | Sunglasses - Primark

20160622_3074Last but not least is this gorgeous black and gold fringed bag. It's the first real leather and suede bag I've ever seen in Primark, and I think it's a real move on for the brand. It cost around £30 which is pricey by Primark's standards, but I reckon the same bag would have been more like £60/70 in Zara or Topshop, so still very much a bargain for a real leather handbag. It's the perfect size for keeping all of my essentials in and I'm really pleased that the quality of it means it will last more than one season.

sophie cliff fashion blogWhat have you been wearing during this crazy temperamental bout of weather? I'm hoping proper summer will turn up soon so that I can finally start giving my pretty dresses a good outing...