10 favourites this week (#80)


Happy Monday lovely people. I feel like I definitely could have done with an extra day this weekend, just to catch up on some sleep! I've had such a busy week but it has been super fun too, so I can't complain. Although if someone could come and bring me a Starbucks with an extra shot that would be ACE...

1) Hotel room Wagamamas

I spent most of last week in London for work which meant that I was living out of a hotel for most of the week. On Tuesday I was so so tired after a long day of meetings and an early train, so instead of heading out for dinner, I logged on to Deliveroo and ordered myself some grub from Wagamamas. Eating noodles and reading my book in bed was pretty much perfection.

2) A wander around Westfield

Is there anything better than a bit of solo sales shopping on a Wednesday evening!? I love visiting Westfield whenever I get a bit of spare time in London as the shops are all so big and have all the best stuff. I didn't buy much at all, but it was lovely just to have a relaxed wander - I always seem to be in a rush whenever I go shopping in Leeds!

3) Blogosphere magazine

I've been meaning to pick this up for the last couple of months, but haven't spotted it anywhere in Leeds. I bought a copy at WH Smiths in Westfield and read it cover to cover while eating dinner - I loved it! Its so nice reading something so relevant to my hobby and some of the interviews were really interesting and insightful. I'll definitely be subscribing.

4) Hanging out with Sophie

On Thursday evening I finally got to meet the lovely Sophie from Fashion Nomads IRL. We've been chatting on Twitter and reading each others blogs for ages, so it was so nice to finally get to hang out. We ate delicious pizza and talked about all things blogging, social media and the struggles of being a twenty something and it was perfect. I will never not be grateful for this blog bringing so many ace people into my life.

5) A really good week at work

Do you ever have those weeks where you just feel totally on it and productive and at the top of your game work wise? I've had one of those this week and it's been ace. I love being down in our London office having meetings with some of our wider teams and partners and there have been so many great outcomes and ideas that I'm excited to work on. I'd quite like this feeling to stick around for a while please...

6) Delicious veggie curry goodness

On Friday night I stayed at my friends house in Finsbury Park ready for our early Eurostar train on Saturday and she took me out for dinner at her favourite local restaurant. Its an amazing little family run veggie curry house and it was so so tasty! Plus we both ate until we were about to pop for £8 each (in LONDON) - how ace is that?!

7) A fab weekend with the girls

I spent this weekend in Paris with three of my best friends and we had soooooo much fun! We try and have a girls weekend away once a year and always have the biggest laugh, and this weekend was no different. I love Paris so much and the atmosphere was amazing because of the football - we spent Saturday night partying with a load of Icelandic fans which was a definite highlight!

8) Being a big kid at Disneyland

After all of the depressing news and confusion during the past few weeks, there was literally no better place to blow off some steam and forget about adulting for a while than Disneyland. We rode on Space Mountain and It's a Small World and took loads of jumping photos in front of the castle - it was ace. Sometimes you just need to relive your childhood for a little bit.

9) Our amazing penthouse suite

My friend Laura managed to find us the most incredible penthouse suite in Paris for a mere £45 each, which was a total steal. The hotel was in Pigalle, in the heart of loads of bars and restaurants, and the room was definitely one of the nicest I have ever stayed in - plus our balcony had an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower! I'll share some pictures of you all in my Paris posts, it was definitely a highlight of the trip.

10) Getting back home

As much as I love going away, both for work and fun, there really is nothing better than coming home. Sam had cleaned our house from top to bottom and cooked me a delicious dinner to come back to, and after nearly a week of staying in hotel rooms, sleeping in my own bed was just the best. Our little house if far from perfect, but I always love coming home to it.