The Interesting Women Interview (#2): Alice Tate


After all of your ace feedback on last week's interview, I'm back with some more kickass lady goodness. Just the motivation we all need on a Tuesday morning, right? Today I'm interviewing the lovely Alice Tate who writes the blog Flash Anthology, as well as working as a PR manager and freelance travel writer. She is an absolute powerhouse with boundless energy, and I love her "if you want it, go and get it" attitude to life. In this interview we talk writing rituals, living abroad and motivation - enjoy!

Hey Alice! I’m lucky enough to have known you and followed your career journey for quite a while now, but for those who haven’t please can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure, so I studied Fashion Design at uni but quickly decided I didn’t want to be a fashion designer and loved writing instead, so I worked on the student paper, and then went on to intern at W Magazine and NYLON in New York and RUSSH Sydney. Came back home, graduated, worked as a journo for a while before being made redundant aged 22 and having to think of a plan B. Started to become less interested in fashion and more interested in food and travel, so I took a freelance PR internship, which led to a permanent one, and now I’m PR Manager in-house at The Hoxton. I started to become more obsessed with travelling and continue to freelance and blog about travel on the side.

Your incredible work ethic is one of things that I admire the most about you and you always seem full of energy and ideas. What helps you to stay motivated?

Ahhh, thanks! Yeah, it’s FULL ON working full time, blogging, freelancing, traveling! But I love it all so much and I’m greedy, that I somehow make it work! I love the balance of all the bits put together. I’m just really excited about everything, that’s what really motivates me, and I work early early morning so to get shit done! You’ve lived in two major cities (New York and Sydney) and currently reside in London – what inspired you about living in each of these places and which was your fave?

New York overwhelmed me. Everyday I’d wake up and be like, I’m 19 and I’m living in New York. HOW!? It was surreal, and I got to have the most amazing experiences like interview Zac Posen and Baz Luhrman on the red carpet. New York is New York, I mean, it’s got wow-factor. Sydney was way more chilled out but the locals are so damn creative, minimalist and inspiring. Its their aesthetic that I live for!

You have written for some major publications over the last few years and also write your own blog. What genre of writing excites you the most? What are you most proud of?

 I love to write about travel, it’s pretty much all the freelance I do now, which is great. I started out in fashion but soon realised I wasn’t really into it as much as other people: like I wasn’t going to spend £700 on a Christopher Kane skirt. THAT’S A HOLIDAY. I love exploring, and then sharing everything I’ve seen.

Do you have any writing rituals? When are you at your most productive?

I’m definitely most productive in the morning. I usually get up at 5/half 5 to hit the gym, the fit in writing before I get to the office. It’s a bit mental but it works for me. I get creative block all the time, especially in the evenings. I’m all about the wine for loosening that block…

Your career has rocketed pretty quickly – what advice do you have for someone wanting to break into the world of journalism or PR?

I dunno, I guess I look back and think everything helped the next step. If I hadn’t pitched to the student paper or gone to the awkward meetings, I’d never have gotten an internship; if I never had a blog and active social media, I reckon I’d have been overlooked in the journo/ PR world. I guess my advice is that the little things have a big impact. And that it doesn’t matter if no-one reads your work; it’s all creative practice and makes you improve.

What are your big goals for the next couple of years? How do you see your career unfolding?

 So I love working for The Hox and there’s loads going on in the next few years. We’re opening in New York and Paris, LA…it goes on. It’s exciting. I wanna also keep pushing on with my blog. You have to be so committed but it’s so rewarding and I love having a space that’s all mine. I guess I don’t have massive goals, my life has been super unpredictable so far so I guess I’ll just have to see!

Finally – I love following all of your travels! What trips have you got planned this year?

Yay! Thanks babes. Soo, I’ve been greedy with trips already this year. We were in Peru in May which was our mega trip of the year (epic!) and Mykonos, Barcelona and Berlin before that. We’re heading back to Gothenburg later in the summer, potentially back to Barcelona for Ed to skate, then Sri Lanka in October for my brother’s wedding. I’m so so so excited!