10 favourites this week (#81)


I can't believe it's Monday again already! Last week was such a busy one. I'm not complaining though because it's finally the week when I get to be reunited with one of my best friends in the whole world after 10 months apart. Steph and her lovely boyfriend Seb moved to Sydney in October and they're coming home for a visit - I can't wait to see both of their gorgeous faces again!

Although I'm getting carried away - let's talk about this week's favourites first, yeah?!

1) Peaky Blinders

We started watching this on Monday last week and oh my god, I'm obsessed! We have watched so many episodes already and we are tortally hooked - plus I am completely besotted with Tommy Shelby. Like how is it even fair that he is a fictional character and not a real life person?! I haven't had a TV crush like this since Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl...

2) Walking lots

Since getting my Fitbit I have been obsessed with walking more and getting my steps up and I have been really enjoying it! I've been adding a little extra countryside stretch to my walk home and I love having a bit of quiet time to think about the days events. Plus it's been really tiring me out so I've been sleeping like a baby!

3) Zaap Thai

zaap thaiOn Wednesday night I headed out for dinner with some of friends at Zaap Thai before going to watch the football. Thai food is one of my all time faves and Zaap is so so good - the interiors are really cool, the food is super tasty and it's really good value too. We had a starter, main and a couple of beers each for less than £20 - bargain!

4) A fun evening at Trader Dan's

trader dans leedsOne of my favourite places in Leeds is the Hedonist Project - every couple of months it completely reinvents itself, focussing on a different spirit every season, and it has just turned into a rum shack called Trader Dan's for the summer. I headed down there for the press launch on Thursday evening and had so much fun! I got to hang out with some of my fave ladies while drinking rum punch and playing dominoes and generally feeling super summery - such a fun start to the weekend.

5) Our new BBQ

bbqWe bought a new BBQ this weekend ready for having a little shindig when Steph and Seb are here next weekend. We used our Nectar points which we have been collecting for ages and so it only cost us £18! Such a bargain. We gave it a little test drive on Friday night and cooked some burgers and kebabs - it was so lovely to hang out in our garden and enjoy the sun. I'm hoping we'll get a bit more sunshine in the next couple of weeks so that we can get more use out of it!

6) The Unsorry Podcast

You might have heard that The High Tea Cast has recently had a rebrand and is now called Unsorry Magazine. I have loved being part of The High Tea Cast editorial team so I am super excited about what the future holds. The podcast has also been rebranded and the first episode went live this week - it is ACE. Give it a listen and if you like it, leave a review too!

7) Brooklyn Gin

brooklyn ginBrooklyn and gin are two of my favourite things in the world, so you can only imagine how much love I have for Brooklyn Gin. My favourite spirit made in my very favourite place! Sam picked us a bottle of this up last weke and we have been enjoying some this weekend complete with grapefruit, juniper berries, tonic and stripy straws - delish.

8) Building a den

On Saturday night we had the laziest night in ever. We might be in our late twenties, but that didn't stop us building a den, complete with roof and a million blankets and cushions. We climbed inside, poured some wine, ate some snacks and binge watched TV - it was the dreamiest night in ever, and just what we both needed after a busy week.

9) Nesting Roast Chicken

nesting chickenFor Sunday dinner yesterday I gave Rosie's Nesting Roast Chicken recipe a try and oh my word, we were not disappointed! The chicken was so tasty and the potatoes were so crunchy and delicious. We served it with roasted carrots and broccoli and it was definitely the easiest roast dinner I've ever made - plus it earned me plenty of girlfriend points.

10) A super productive Sunday

After a very lazy Saturday, yesterday was a super productive day for us! We scrubbed the whole house clean, had a massive clear out and batch cooked loads of yummy eats for lunches and dinners over the next few weeks. It felt so nice going to bed knowing we were on top of everything - as the old saying goes "a Sunday well spent brings a week of content!"