10 favourites this week (#82)


Morning everyone! My word I am sleepy today. This weekend has been such a fun one, but has also proven that my body is not quite as resilient to consecutive nights out as it was when I was a student! I think I am probably going to need a caffeine drip to help me get through today... How have all of your weeks been? Mine has been pretty bloody awesome, filled with lots of new memories with some of my all time besties. Without further ado here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) A quiet start to the week

I had quite a quiet start to the week - I had nothing in my diary for the weekday evenings and it was actually really lovely to be able to just come home from work and relax. I love love love spending time with my friends and going to blog events, but a little bit of down time was just what I needed this week and I definitely made the most of being able to read and catch up with blogging and get some early nights in.

2) Wedding talk

One of my best friends is also getting married next year (we're both being bridesmaids for each other!) and this week she has been doing the main bulk of planning - booking the venue, deciding on catering, visiting the church, etc etc. It has been so lovely to hear all of their plans coming together and I can't tell you how nice it is to have someone to bounce ideas off and discuss the many highs and lows of wedding planning with! I can't wait for both of our days to roll around.

3) Lamb and spinach curry

Being at home a bit more this week has meant that we've been able to do a bit more cooking and I've been trying some new recipes. This week's fave was the lamb and spinach curry from Madeleine Shaw's new book, Ready Steady Glow - it was super easy to make but really tasty (and pretty healthy too!). We have some leftovers in the freezer and I am so excited to devour it one night this week.

4) Sunny evening canal walks

FullSizeRender(12)We've had a couple of nice sunny evenings here in Leeds this week, and given my new Fitbit obsession, I've been making the most of it and getting out for some walks along the canal. I always say this but I genuinely feel so lucky to live where we do - we are a literally a two second stroll from some lovely walking routes - here's hoping the nice weather sticks around so we can keep enjoying it!

5) Some exciting blog opportunities

This week has been an exciting one on the blog front and I have had some emails about opportunities that have made me feel very lucky. I am really looking forward to working with a couple of brands that I love on some new content (watch this space!) - I'm so very glad I started writing this blog and can't wait to see what other opportunities it brings.

6) Being reunited with Steph

IMG_5770Some of you might remember that one of my best friends from uni moved to Australia in October last year - well this weekend she was home for a visit and it was so so nice to see her for the first time in 10 months. We had such a fab time catching up with Steph and her boyfriend Seb and definitely made the most of all of our time with them (not even the hangovers could hold us back!). It was sad saying bye to them yesterday, but it's very exciting that the next time we see them will be in Sydney!

7) Bottomless brunch at Shears Yard

bottomless brunch shears yardOn Saturday afternoon we headed to Shears Yard to give their bottomless brunch a try - it was so good! The food was delicious and the drinks were free flowing, plus the atmosphere was really nice and chilled too. Definitely one to try out if you're in Leeds - it was pretty good value for money too (£25 each for a meal and around 4-5 drinks).

8) The Alchemist Aperol terrace

aperol terrace leedsThe sun actually came out for a couple of hours on Saturday, so we headed up to the Aperol terrace at The Alchemist. Me and the girls are all big fans of an Aperol spritz, and drinking them out on a rooftop bar in the sunshine made us feel like we were on holiday rather than in little old Leeds! I'll definitely be heading back for more before the summer is out.

9) Healthy Sunday brunch

IMG_5763After two days of heavy drinking and a lot of indulgent foods, we were all craving something a bit more on the healthy side yesterday, so we headed up to Mill Kitchen in Farsley for a last group brunch before saying bye to Steph and Seb. I've mentioned Mill Kitchen on the blog before and we love it so much - it was the perfect spot to refuel and laugh about all of the funny moments from this weekend - plus their avo on toast is seriously next level!

10) BBQ-ing

The arrival of some sunshine means we've been getting a lot of good use out of our new BBQ - we had everyone round for one on Friday night and then spent last night in our garden grilling some goodies for dinner. I love BBQ food so much and it has been so nice to sit and eat dinner outdoors too - hopefully we'll get plenty more use out of it before autumn comes around.