July Round Up


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Being a big kid at Disneyland.

BBQ-ing everything in sight.

Reuniting with my friend after 10 long months.

Discovering some new Leeds favourites.

Marvelling at the Eiffel tour from our rooftop suite.

Trying out bottomless brunch at Shear's Yard.

Drinking a lot of Aperol Spritzes and Prosecco.

Going on my first press trip to Ibiza.

Laughing more than I have done in ages.

Partying with Craig David and David Guetta.

Sweating my way through the heatwave.

Parasailing and paddle boarding for the first time.

Eating a lot of Thai food - I've had a taste for it this month.

Hanging around on the roof of Leeds bars.

Swimming in the sea for the first time this year.

Walking along the canal at every opportunity.

Watching Zootropolis and loving it.

Admiring all of the pretty skies at sunset.

Feeling happier than I have done for a long time.