Little Things I've Learnt Recently


I feel like 2016 has been one gigantic learning curve for me so far. A lot of stuff has been clicking for me over the last few months and I feel a lot more comfortable and content with myself and my life. Here are some little things I've learnt recently... 1) Jealousy can teach you something about yourself if you're prepared to step back and understand why you're feeling green eyed. If you use it as a positive force to make the changes you need to in your life it can be an incredibly powerful emotion.

2) If you want something badly enough, and you're prepared to work really, really hard at it, you can do pretty amazing things. Trust me.

3) Exercise doesn't have to be a punishment. It can be something that you look forward to and it can make you feel good both physically and emotionally. Walking and Pilates have been game changers for me recently.

4) Success looks wildly different to everyone, and we shouldn't waste our time measuring ourselves against other people's standards.

5) When people make judgements or say mean things about you or your work, it's more of a reflection of them than you. I wish I had learned this earlier - it would have saved me a lot of tears and self doubt.

6) You can teach yourself pretty much anything if you have access to Google and YouTube. Especially DIY or tech related things.

7) Sometimes the little things can make the biggest difference to your outlook on life. Days that start with fresh flowers and hot tea and a tidy house always seem so much more straightforward for me than the ones that don't.

8) When things get too much and your brain feels too full, it's totally acceptable to cancel all plans and curl up with a book and a blanket. I'd go as far as to say it's pretty much essential if you're going to try and stay sane.

9) Writing down all of the things that you're worrying about helps. When you keep your problems in your head your brain can play tricks on you and make you think that they're bigger than they are, but when you write them down they seem much more manageable.

10) Most people are willing to help if you ask them nicely. In fact, what I've been finding recently is that people are often really flattered.

11) It's never too late to change the direction you're going in. If you want something badly enough then just crack on with it and don't think too much about it.