10 favourites this week (#86)


I'm struggling to believe it's Monday again already - it felt like our weekend went far too quickly! But I suppose that's what happens when you're having loads of fun. We are officially on the holiday countdown now so I can't complain - I can't bloody wait to put my out of office on on Friday afternoon! I feel like I'm really ready for this holiday and am definitely going to enjoy the break. But anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Here are my 10 favourites from this week...

1) Doing lots of blog planning

It's been a good week on the blog front and I've been ticking off lots of planning and admin that I've been meaning to do for ages! I've started work on getting posts scheduled for when we're away next week and I also got round to doing a little survey to help me shape my content in the future. If you haven't already filled it in I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! Reading all of the responses so far has had me brimming with ideas, so watch this space...

2) Watching the Olympics

I'm never usually that into watching sports, but whenever the Olympics rolls around I become obsessed and find myself rushing home from work to watch it and checking the results as soon as I wake up! I sobbed watching Team GB win the men's pursuit on Friday night (how nailbiting though?!) and was very heavily invested in the heptathlon too. Plus in the coverage in Rio has got me even more desperate to visit beautiful Brazil.

3) Pilates

I went to another pilates reformer class this week and loved it just as much as I did last week! They are pretty pricey but I've never enjoyed a class so much and I left feeling really happy and upbeat, which is worth the money in my opinion. I'm looking forward to squeezing a few more in this week before holidays.

4) My new Ivy Park jumper

IMG_6224I've had my eye on this for a while and finally caved and treated myself to it when I was in Topshop this week. It's the softest jumper I've ever owned and I've been putting it on every night as soon as I get home from work! I think it will be perfect for wearing on the plane to stop me getting chilly and it's been handy for my evening walks now the nights are getting a little chillier too.

5) Working from home

We had a powercut in the office on Wednesday so we all got sent home and I was chuffed to have the opportunity to work from my little attic room/home office. I love the space so much and it was ace to work away at my gorgeous desk - it had me dreaming about one day maybe being able to work up their full time!

6) My hen do is booked!

I got a text from my sister (who is also my maid of honour) on Friday night to tell me that my hen do is booked! I have no idea where we are going or what we are doing, all I know is that so many of my favourite ladies will all be together in one place on the first bank holiday in May next year, and I am SO EXCITED. It is making the wedding feel way more real and it feels so nice to know that some of my favourite people are organising a weekend especially for me.

7) Booking on to a Write Like a Grrrl workshop

I saw the lovely Beverley tweeting about this this week and immediately knew it was right up my street and booked myself a place. I did quite a few creative writing modules as part of my degree (despite studying Economics!) and I'm really excited to brush up on my skills and push myself out of my comfort zone a bit. Plus Beverley and I are going to eat burgers afterwards which is always a good thing!

8) Making an epic mac 'n' cheese

FullSizeRender(1)It was Sam's birthday on Saturday and we knew we wanted to get the celebrations started early with a tasty home cooked dinner on Friday night. I whipped up this epic mac 'n' cheese with some delicious steak and it was SO GOOD! The recipe is from the Spuntino cookbook which I absolutely love - I'd definitely recommend if you like American style food.

9) Celebrating Sam's birthday

IMG_6218Everyone knows birthdays are the best and we had so much fun celebrating Sam's this weekend! His parents came over to Leeds and we went for brunch at our favourite place and ate caterpillar cake and drank bubbles. And then we went for a really yummy dinner at Zucco on Saturday night - seriously, this restaurant is one my favourite in Leeds! We had a lovely day and I can't believe that this time next year Sam will be the big 3-0 - yikes!

10) A pretty perfect Sunday

Yesterday was one of the most perfect Sundays ever. It started with tea and blog reading in bed, before eating loads of delicious BBQ food at Sam's brothers house with his family. Lunch was swiftly followed by a couple of pints in the pub while we watched the football, and we ended the day with chicken dippers on the sofa while we watched the Olympics. Perfect!