Taking a Break


At 4.30pm today I will be putting my out of office on, turning off my computer and taking my first proper break this year. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am.. On Sunday morning I'm flying to Spain for a week of sun, great food and total relaxation with my family. There's a big group of us going and we're staying in an amazing villa with a pool and a games room and a sun terrace. I'm so looking forward to some totally chilled time hanging out and catching up with some of my favourite people. I've also got a stack of books to take with me and a whole load of podcasts to listen to while I sunbathe, so I'm pretty certain it's going to be an ace week.

This holiday will be the first time this year that I've taken more than two days off work, and the lack of downtime is really starting to take it's toll. Add to that the fact that I spend a lot of time writing and running this blog, and have also been redecorating an entire house and planning a wedding, you can probably understand why I really feel ready for this break.

Both my body and my brain are giving me all the signals that they need a rest. I'm struggling to concentrate on anything for too long and I've been feeling tired and run down. Isn't it strange the way our bodies kinda know when we're about to go away and go into wind down mode a little bit early? It's like they can sense the sunloungers coming and decide that they can't wait any longer.

So I'm determined to make next week a proper rest. Our villa is in the middle of nowhere, so I won't be feeling compelled to visit loads of stuff and research the best places to eat like I am when we go on a city break. There's no pressure or big expectation - it's just a week sat in the sun around the pool with my lovely family, with lots of beer and good food thrown in. Nothing could sound more attractive right now.

I ummed and ahhed about taking my laptop with me and doing a bit of writing while I was there, but I've decided to leave it. I won't be taking my work Blackberry with me either (yep, I still have a Blackberry, and no it's not 2008). I'm committing to totally switching off, to being in the moment and thoroughly enjoying our time away. Obviously I'll still be Instagraming all my best holiday spam, because, well, obviously, but I don't want to be feeling like I have to be "on it" from a social media perspective all the time, if you know what I mean?

I've got a handful of posts scheduled for you all so it won't be totally barren around these parts, but it will be a little bit quieter than usual. I'm hoping that having a week off from everything and recharging the batteries will leave me full of ideas and raring to go when I get back. So much has happened in the last 6 months that I'm quite looking forward to just soaking it all in and processing it and thinking about what's next.

So, yeah, I'm off to go and irritate all of my colleagues with endless holiday chat before skipping out of the office in search of a cocktail later. Have an ace week!